Whitley Strieber on The Super Natural


6 thoughts on “Whitley Strieber on The Super Natural

  1. Any individual who has ‘experienced’ can relate to what Mr Strieber has related of his experiences. And by browsing more widely through the available writing in subjects such as magic and Tantra, one can see the value in what Dr Kripal is recommending: comparison. Example, just for kicks I’ve been reading Liber Null, and I read this:

    “Sensory overload is achieved when a battery of techniques are used together. For example, in certain tantric rites the candidate is first beaten by his guru, hashish is forced down him , and he is taken at midnight to a dark cemetery for sacred sexual intercourse . Thus he achieves union with his god.”

    Not a perfect parallel of Mr Strieber’s experience, perhaps, but close enough to take note. From Visitor abduction to an instructional text in Chaos Magic, drawing upon Tantra… Illustrating, I think, the value in Dr Kripal’s toolkit.

    Strieber’s honesty in relating his ecstatic and traumatic experiences, AND Kripal’s thoughtful, open minded, cautious consideration of those experiences are what make this book a worthwhile read. I’ve already been through it three times, and I imagine I’ll soon be reading it again.

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