NPR Accidentally Offers Solution To Alien Hybrid Question

NPR Accidentally Offers Solution To Alien Hybrid Question

by Guest Blogger,
Tyler Kokjohn, PhD.

Knob swab

Proof of alien contact is just a cotton swab away.

A story aired today on National Public Radio ( may have provided a 79 buck answer to the million dollar question as to whether alien hybrids walk among us today.  And the cool thing is that an ( special sale offer coincides with the upcoming 2016 International UFO Congress ( featuring legendary researchers David Jacobs and Barbara Lamb, both of whom have claimed knowledge concerning the whereabouts of hybrids.  Perhaps this is the golden opportunity to test some hybrid DNA and see if they are or are not unique.  Instead of inducing a hypnotized subject to send their underwear or working up the nerve to swab the doorknob of a hybrid (or hubrid)-infested apartment and then figuring out how to test the samples, the alternative seems pretty simple; the subject spits into a tube and mails it to the laboratory.

Maybe if the august alien abduction investigators are too busy prepping for their lectures, a hybrid or breeder will take it upon themselves to get this task done.

We can sort out the Nobel Prizes later.



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2 thoughts on “NPR Accidentally Offers Solution To Alien Hybrid Question

  1. Here’s some irony. A person with a dazzling and much more interesting story to tell, wholly supported by official government documents and named agencies the caliber of say… Frank Feschino and _his_ still non-debunked research—regarding an undeclared and secret air war with extraterrestrials in 1952—would _jump_ at the chance to have this same science laboratory approach applied to _his_ research, and HAS, as Dr. K. can attest! David Jacobs; however, demurs, and it’s his socially caustic, pecuniarily pessimistic, psychologically toxic, and near wholly unsupported story which, if inexplicably, prevails.

  2. Been reading Popper. To “grow” our empirical knowledge, he demands exactly what Dr. Kokjohn is calling for: testable hypotheses. What Jacobs is doing is not empirical, as it avoids testing, and so is unfalsifiable. Popper would call this “metaphysical theorising.”

    Popper: “…the most misleading model of the growth of knowledge — the model of an accumulating heap of observation statements” (p xxv, Logic of Scientific Discovery, 2002 Routledge edition).

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