Are Martians Troma Film Fans?

Listening to this interview on Coast To Coast AM with guest John Brandenburg, just to hear Jack Brewer’s debut. I’ve found a likely candidate for the object of John’s fascination–what he claims is a NASA photo of a Maya/Aztec/Whatever statue head on Mars.

Really? This is on Mars? Really?!

Mystery solved, it’s most likely… The Toxic Avenger.


4 thoughts on “Are Martians Troma Film Fans?

  1. Aloha Jay Vay,

    I am an Experiencer who discovered you recently on a online radio talk show. I resonate with many of your thoughts. I love your satirical humor and your openness. My life has been filled with random paranormal experiences since childhood. My paranormal /spiritual experiences began before my remembered alien abduction. My first experience happened when I was 10 years old in 1968 in Ma. I actually saw the greys coming toward me. I was awakened by laser beam lights flashing at me. My room lit up like Las Vegas. They used me for hybrid purposes. I woke up with a fluorescent green implant on my arm. I never had the implant removed. There was also a green sticky liquid on my sheets. Decades later I went through my hometown library archIves to search for photos. Low and behold, I found a photo of a UFO flying over my small hometown in 1968 when my abduction occurred. The source was reliable and it wasn’t debunked. It’s on the records. I also encountered the Greys again in my college years. I was in a dorm during the summer months. Nobody was on campus because school was not in session. I walked out and saw a Grey alien behind a tree. He looked at me as though he wanted to play hide and seek. I sensed it was a childlike being. I ran in my room and lost time for a couple of days I have had experiences in the Black Forest in Germany. I have had experiences in the Australian outback as well. Too long to discuss in detail. Over the years I have been trying to make senses of everything. From childhood on I have also experienced numerous paranormal events ranging from seeing orbs with the naked eye,poltergeist,astral projection,apparitions,witches,telepathy,visions,etc. I am convinced they are all connected but separate events. Synchronisms also play a huge part in my life. I just wanted to share with you a small part of my reality.

    Thank you for keeping the awareness alive, Diana

  2. Nearing the end of Mr. Brandenburg’s segment, Mr. Noory asked him what he thought about the greys being framed. He replied that he was skeptical of the statement.

    It is somewhat challenging to address that absent sarcasm. It truly is. I would sincerely say that the entire concept of the ink blot test and related confirmation bias seems to have completely eluded some of our more excitable (and less uniformly skeptical) community members.

    Thanks for listening, Jeremy. Your interest is appreciated.

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