CNN Hits a New Low With Misleading Election Coverage

Progress Or Peril

Have you seen the new CNN poll results? I tuned in to watch Bernie Sanders’ interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on New Day this morning. This being the morning after a new CNN/ORC poll for the Democratic nomination was released.  What were the results? The poll showed that Sanders had gained4% since CNN’s last poll in November, and Clinton had lost8%. That totals up to a 12% swing in Sanders’ favor, with last night’s poll having Clinton up 16% total, her 50% to 34% for Bernie Sanders. Sanders has actually reduced Clinton’s lead to where it was before Joe Biden declared he would not enter the race.


So, how did CNN report this poll on their website? The headline is misleading at best, and blatant propaganda at worst. It reads “CNN poll: Post-debate, voters move to Clinton“. You read that right… voters move to Clinton.  How…

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