Generation Cry Baby: Why Millennials Are a F**king Joke

The Oxytocin Chronicles

We’re raising a generation of pussies. There. I said it.


When I was a junior in high school, I had the most amazing AP English teacher. Her name was Ms. Wei. She prefaced the class by saying that she would grade us fairly, and that these grades would not always be A’s.

“I get that you and your parents all think you all are ‘special snowflakes,’ but I will grade you based on your writing, and if your parents email me complaining about these grades, I will ignore them.”

Now Ms. Wei was a little blunt for some (I freaking adored that woman, and I don’t know anyone who didn’t), but she brought up a good point.

Millennials: your parents won’t say it, and your peers won’t say it because it seems every little thing is sending you all to a therapist because you’re just sooooooo victimized, but

Get. The…

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One thought on “Generation Cry Baby: Why Millennials Are a F**king Joke

  1. A Great article! As a former high school teacher, I say many in the millennium generation need a reality check. The world is not fair. You have to work hard to make your way. Don’t expect to be handed everything . Don’t expect because you deserve something that you will automatically get it. And most of all- don’t take yourselves so seriously! The universe has a sense of humor, it’s all a joke, a pun, a smoke and mirrors funhouse- nothing is as it seems, and be careful what you wish for!

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