Missing Time: A Question To Ponder


Why don’t people who have near-death and out-of-body experiences have missing time?

–especially if one component of “alien abductions” is to preserve the secrets of death?

–especially if one hypothesizes the same neurological explanation for abductions, OBEs, and NDEs?

–especially if one hypothesizes that abductions take place in an abnormal state of consciousness or a subspace bubble wherein the brain cannot be imprinted with memory like normal?

4 thoughts on “Missing Time: A Question To Ponder

  1. An extremely interesting and thought-provoking set of questions, Jeremy!
    I think that the obvious (?) conclusion would be that missing time may be unrelated to OBEs and NDEs. Could it be a different avenue to another… dimension/area of space-time/reality?
    As your current guest on The Experience, Sandy, intimated, there seems to be a shift in energy levels during an abductions, where other aspects of “reality” can be accessed, and where the laws of physics of this universe can be side-stepped at will. Maybe this holds true no matter what reality the visitors/beings are in, but Sandy appears almost to have an immunity to the “missing time” phenomenon, as she’s capable of recalling a long series of encounters through her lifetime.
    Wish I had a definitive answer for you, Jeremy. Maybe others who are better-acquainted with abductions, NDEs and OBEs (like our own Whitley) might be better equipped to offer explanations.

  2. These are good questions. Here’s one you might want to add: “Do we really know that abductees are experiencing missing time?” It’s a trope that’s by now built into any experiencer’s account and a standard part of the literature. But I’ve heard many initial reports and at this point, I don’t believe we have any data on the issue. (Someone please correct on this if I’m wrong.) You’d have to trust the abduction researchers themselves. They’re always on the lookout for “missing time.” So they ask about it. Cue the report of “missing time.”

  3. I’m starting to feel that most of these things involve “seeing what you expect to see on some level, in some form” to a large extent, and more “high strangeness” experiences involve things about the phenomena of consciousness itself mixed with the subconscious brain mess tapping into something we don’t understand about either reality, or conscious experience. Not that those are separate things in the first place.

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