Finally, Some Insight Into Steve Bassett’s Imagination

I AM smiling.

Just read Steve Bassett’s June 26th Paradigm Research Group newsletter. At least once a year–usually more–readers of these updates are treated to the near-promise that this is the year government disclosure of an alien presence on earth shall happen. And each year that does not shall happen. This has been going on for nearly 20 years. You’d think with a track record like that he’d be out of business. Personally, I think the aliens and the human government(s) are waiting for him to go silent before they disclose anything just to mess with him. The evidence of time is on my side.

Bassett normally skips out on the explanation for how he knows this is the year for the biggest reveal since Oprah’s “You get a car! And you get a car!” stunt, but today’s newsletter is exceptional. First, he tantalizes us the old fashioned way with a play right out of Steven Greer’s book:

Based on a number of politically related developments, PRG believes Disclosure is very close. A window has opened that could see the truth embargo ended this year, if not this summer, and a strategy is in place to seize that opportunity.

Here we see the term “politically related developments” with no details forthcoming. We’re being led to believe that PRG, which is short for Paradigm Research Group, which is long for Steve Bassett, has some secret knowledge. Perhaps he’s friends with a Beltway insider. All those years as the country’s only UFO lobbyist finally paid off. Or maybe it comes from a military whistleblower he passes notes with on a park bench in front of the National Mall. We cannot say and he does not disclose.

However, a mere three paragraphs later, Steve finally does the unthinkable: he lays his logic on the table, like cards in a lesser analogy involving poker. He writes:

… [C]onsider this: there is a space station orbiting the Earth. On this station are a number of extremely advanced cameras surveying space (to not have such cameras would be very suspicious and bad NASA PR). These cameras send live video back to Earth (also necessary). The live feed is viewable by people over most of the world on a massive electronic, interactive delivery platform using computers more powerful than those that ran the Apollo Program. Millions in this viewing public own powerful software tools allowing for the editing of these videos. The interactive delivery platform contains massive social networks with collectively several billion participants to which such edited videos can be delivered in seconds, and the delivered videos can be shared and reshared ad infinitum.

None of this technology existed when the extraterrestrial presence truth embargo was planned and initiated between 1947 and 1953, and would not exist for decades.

And then he closes his case with the cherry on top, having answered his critics:

Now, can you understand why a massive government disinformation campaign so successful between 1947 and 1991 could collapse in 2015?

I’m fairly certain he’s asking that rhetorically, it being an update newsletter and all, but it has an answer and isn’t rhetorical after all. The answer is no. No, because that doesn’t make sense in any way, shape, or form. If there are aliens flying around up there for cameras to catch, NASA will not be allowed to film them and show them publicly or on a live feed. That not having cameras would be a bad PR move doesn’t outweigh the need to cover up the greatest secret in human history. Plus, we’ve all seen those heist films  where the thieves switch the bank’s security camera feed to a prerecording so they can sneak past unsuspecting guards who look curiously at their screens going grainy for a second when the switch happens and are like, ‘Hmmm… That’s weird. Oh well. Must have been a solar flare hitting a poorly-shielded satellite, which sometimes causes service interruptions and other electrical anomalies. The hallways look clear. Everything’s fine. Guess I’ll get back to my Ramen Noodles and Sanford & Son.’ Or whatever security guards think.

Plus, what does he mean by “editing”? Maybe he means people can record and play back the live feed. The UFO obsessives can edit clips of Tang drops and dust particles on the window that they think are Galactic Federation of Light ships and harangue their friends and family who just want to see them get help. But of course they’re not the ones who need help–no! It’s the sheeple, man, the sleeping masses. Wake up, humanity! That ice is aliens!

I’ll give him that glitch in the explanation because it doesn’t affect the central point. The point is, the whole thing is stupid. It’s not Occam’s Razor, Bassett’s favorite principle, it’s justification. And it’s… uh… well, dare I say it’s completely lazy. This final glitch is unforgivable. His reasoning that NASA cameras will force disclosure by accidentally picking up space ships isn’t connected to the premise that disclosure is imminent due to political developments so secret even the disclosure movement’s mover who knows them cannot reveal them to us.

Now, can you understand why a massive government disinformation campaign so successful between 1947 and 1991 could collapse in 2015?

No. Now I can understand that you need to hire a continuity person to comb through your scripts. Or better yet, stop writing them. If an alien presence is ever revealed, trust me when I say you will be of no use in the situation. So sayeth your track record. And Occam’s Razor.


3 thoughts on “Finally, Some Insight Into Steve Bassett’s Imagination

  1. If there is an alien presence (still a very big IF), it will be up to the aliens to reveal it on some unknowable timetable of theirs because nobody down here (emphasis on “nobody”) has a freakin’ clue as to the true nature of the UFO phenomenon. Bassett is just another comedy stand up like Greer and the Roswell slides buffoons. Yeah, they have some entertainment value but that’s all they have. I pity the fool (hat tip to The A Team) who believes these guys have access to any greater truth. I do agree they could use some new writers and new material. They’ve gotten really stale.

  2. A wry handling of a subject who would come across as less messianic and deluded if he could separate science fiction from reality. “A window will open…?” Does he not know that NASA has been streaming live video from a spacestation for many years already? I happen to know this because ten years ago an alleged abductee I’d shot for a documentary segment became obsessed with finding UFOs in the NASA feed. He’d record hours and hours of the stuff offline with his own voice over comments recorded at the same time. Every piece of space debris was announced with great excitement as an alien spacecraft. Then these very long video clips would be sent to me. So if this is the great democratizing of the space program, with revolutionary citizen. “editing” of secret government feeds……My emotions flatline. In all those hours of the window opening, I saw nothing of interest. Rocks and debris on video aren’t much to crow about.

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