Does Alien Abduction Hypnosis Accidentally Trigger Something In The Hypnotized?

Truth In Advertising.

There’s been something nagging at me regarding the fact that so many abductees come out the other side of their experiences as stewards of Earth, and it is this: When it happens it happens whether or not the abduction experiences reflect Earth issues. How is it that one can recall, for example, a set of terrorizing abduction experiences where one was probed and/or shown baby hybrid progeny and one’s takeaway is to care more for Earth? To ignore this little life-altering fact, the negativist abduction “researchers” who believe malevolent aliens are here doing experiments and what not have had to assume that this outcome is an alien-induced coverup and/or a type of Stockholm Syndrome.

Here’s what I’d like to know: Does this dramatic life change happen to experiencers who have not been hypnotized as well?

If not, what we could be seeing is neither the product of caring space brother nor manipulative Martian, but hypnosis creating a pastiche of the hero’s journey. We know that through hypnosis the hypnotist and subject create an emotional ordeal for the subject to overcome that is part memory, part imagination. (And the part that is memory may be a memory of an abduction or the memory of having seen a fictional one on TV–we can’t know.) I wonder if this is because hypnosis bypasses the conscious mind to speak with our emotional center–a center that latches onto any ol’ thing floating around the unconscious to express itself. Express itself in terms of the narrative the conscious subject and the hypnotist implicitly agreed to.

If the narrative is terrifying to the person “reliving” (or re-imagining) it and then it’s finished and the person survives, does that mimic the hero’s journey? Since hypnosis is you talking to yourself with the aid of a glorified Dungeon Master, do you slay the dragon and exit the cave knowing what you must do: care about Earth because you’re inseparable? All things are one? And so forth? (Note that this would not be possible for Emma Woods, or people in her dilemma, because David Jacobs never finished with her. He had session after session after session after session. It was never-ending hypnosis creating a never-ending narrative feeding a seemingly never-ending series of books he would rather not describe as “science fiction novels”, but which nevertheless are.)

If anyone out there in investigation land would like to take this ball and run with it, I think there are some obvious experiments you could perform to see if there’s a there there. Feel free to get crackin’ on this.




14 thoughts on “Does Alien Abduction Hypnosis Accidentally Trigger Something In The Hypnotized?

  1. I am an Experiencer who has many conscious recollections. I have had contact going back to the crib and can recount experiences in great detail without hypnosis. I noticed I had some blocks or memory lapses in some parts of my life. They are not necessarily about my contact, but could be other episodes in my life. I started hypnosis primarily to see if I could pull in more information about my pastlives. I came into this incarnation remembering many pastlives and with hypnosis I was able to pull in more details and more fully experience and emote if necessary (like when reliving my death).

    For me and many others hypnosis is simply a tool for people to access memories in greater detail. Sometimes the details trigger recall of other memories and detail.

    I started to use this tool to focus on partial memories of issues. I discuss that with my hypnotherapist before we begin the session. I am very careful to select a therapist who does not “lead the witness” nor does he or she have an agenda. Most times they just give the induction to go inward and access the memory, then they sit down and let the tale unfold. I’m easy. They are my sitter, tarry with me and keep an eye on the recorder if we are recording the session.

    After 60 years of stories regarding abductions and alien encounters, we are now accessing a social system that has evolved since Roswell and Betty and Barney Hill. What has experienced what at this point? How can we tell anymore?

    I don’t see that issue mattering all that much. What we as therapists seek is help for the client who seeks healing and/or a resolution. Does it help the client? Yes. So our job as a hypnotherapist is done.

    I am amazed that more scientific exploration into the alien contact/abduction experience has not been conducted. One would think with literally MILLIONS of reports, someone would look at what’s going on and be able to report to the world their findings.

    My experiences go back to the 50s before Betty and Barney and Roswell was disclosed. But I could be crazy or we all could be crazy and this matrix hologram is a projection into our minds and our whole reality is a fiction created for our convenience so we can have experiences and live out things we call lives.

  2. “For me and many others hypnosis is simply a tool for people to access memories in greater detail. ”

    –Except that according to all of the latest studies, it does not. Rather, what is retrieved MAY include a percentage of real memory but the subject can’t differentiate between the real and the false, yet is more likely to adamantly defend both as real than someone recalling a memory through other means. Like just relaxing and pondering it.

    “What we as therapists seek is help for the client who seeks healing and/or a resolution. Does it help the client? Yes. So our job as a hypnotherapist is done.”

    –At best it is the illusion of help. Creating an emotional ordeal for the subject to overcome so that they feel better because they had permission to act out a traumatization is being confused with actually helping someone through an emotional trauma. At worst, the subject now has false memories they believe are real of a life that doesn’t exist. This may be all well and good for “past life” stuff–but when it comes to instilling evil alien memories in people, I don’t know how anyone can defend that unless they’ve got a solid rebuttal to the studies showing what I just outlined.

    • Hello goddessninmah,

      Please allow me to begin by clarifying I have no desire to challenge your spiritual beliefs. Suffice it to say I am very familiar with numerous schools of philosophy which entertain concepts such as reincarnation, channeling and any number of similar phenomena which practitioners believe might be better understood by accessing non-ordinary states of consciousness.

      I also happen to be quite familiar with techniques of inducing non-ordinary states for therapeutic purposes and conducted by qualified professionals. I would like to share my opinions, please, on challenges that often arise when spiritual and therapeutic activities intersect. Thank you.

      You wrote, “I started hypnosis primarily to see if I could pull in more information about my past lives.”

      You then added, “I am very careful to select a therapist who does not ‘lead the witness’ nor does he or she have an agenda.”

      I would suggest that the very act of purporting to help an individual access past life memories is leading them in the first place. By definition of the practice and objectivity, it simply can’t be done without preconceived expectations.

      I invite consideration that mental imagery induced during legitimate therapeutic activities is typically not accepted as indicative of events occurring in objective reality. In other words, it is my understanding that the use of such techniques as EMDR, for instance, are to assist the client in emotional healing, not literally conducting an investigation about supposed past events.

      So my point, please, is that people are free and entitled to worship as they choose, as well as undertake spiritual paths as they feel called… but if they desire others to accept their beliefs and opinions as substantiated reality, particularly if pleading to the scientific community to do so as is often the case in these circumstances, they have responsibilities to follow certain established protocols.

      That’s my take on it. Best wishes on your journey.

  3. When my then husband was a doctoral candidate in psychology, he became extremely interested in hypnosis along with a couple of other candidates in the program. I trekked along with them to visit several psychology professionals who used hypnosis in their practices. I became everyone’s subject, in demonstrations by the professionals as well as a practice subject as that little group was learning about hypnosis for therapeutic purposes.

    What I know from having been hypnotized so many times is that nobody was able to plant any suggestions in me (nor can they in any subject) unless the subject wants to accept them. One example: I couldn’t be made to want to kill an animal or believe that I could fly and jump off a table. However, I believed my arm was weightless and it did float in the air like a helium balloon seemingly without my control.

    So, I have a hard time believing alien abduction stories are implanted by hypnosis, but rather feel very strongly that the subjects come to hypnosis already convinced they are abductees or really WANT to be abductees and are looking for someone to tell them they are. Inept or unscrupulous abduction “researchers” simply reinforce this dysfunctional world view; they don’t create it.

    Look, the standard alien abduction experiences have become popular memes (we all know the basic plots by heart), and becoming a “friend of the Earth” is an integral piece of them. If one is an abductee then one must also want to save the Earth as a result. Caring for the planet is a “proof”, in a sense, of the abduction. (The first abductee that I recall stating this theme was Linda Cortile, one of Bud Hopkins’ subjects as well as famously the subject of his book, “Witnessed: The True Story of the Brooklyn Bridge UFO Abductions.”. It wasn’t a part of the Hills’ saga.).

    I don’t believe this “shift” in consciousness is a result of undergoing hypnosis, which isn’t nearly as deep and profound an experience as some might believe (or want to believe), but is part and parcel of the alien abduction mythology which the subjects have already accepted as true before even contacting a researcher.

    As an aside, after a brief flirtation with hypnosis, my then husband and his colleagues abandoned it as not having much value in psychotherapy. Later I did seek out hypnosis to overcome fear of flying. It didn’t work.

  4. There’s a ton of merit to what you’re saying here, but let’s not forget that it isn’t one size fits all. Some people are far more suggestible than others and I’d dare to say that there’s probably no study on people with huge sleep disorders being hypnotized. And then there’s the matter of being hypnotized again and again by the same person to pull out more narrative. To be encouraged to come up with more. (But I think your answer to that, which is correct, is that the subject is caving into this and needs to be stronger-willed than that. Everyone plays their role.)

    At the end of the day, no matter which percentage of what is responsible for not coming up with accurate memories via hypnosis, we can agree that we end up with inaccurate memories being portrayed as the truth about aliens. And that’s gotta go.

    • Hi Purrlee, thanks for sharing your experience of hypnosis.

      I too have had a lot of hypnosis, but had a different experience to you. I imagine this is because, as Jeremy said, we are all different.

      You said that you later had hypnosis to overcome fear of flying, but that it did not work. I wonder if this might be because you are not an easily hypnotizable person? Could this be why the hypnosis never had much effect on you, and you did not experience the hypnotic state as particularly “deep” or “profound”?

      For myself, I am very hypnotizable, and I experienced a substantial shift in consciousness when I was hypnotized. The depth of the state fluctuated, and sometimes it was light. But at other times it was very deep, and I was in a completely different state to my normal consciousness.

      False memories are indistinguishable from real memories, and I still struggle today with how to deal with mine. However, I am lucky, and know intellectually that they are false memories. Less fortunate people believe their false hypnotic memories are real. Some people’s lives have been ruined as a consequence.

      I don’t think that everyone who goes to an alien abduction researcher expects to remember an alien abduction. I didn’t myself. I was open to all sorts of possibilities to explain my experiences, and was also actively researching them. Alien abduction was only one of many possibilities that I considered.

      When I agreed to have hypnosis, I had no idea that I was very hypnotizable, nor that it was possible for hypnosis to have such an effect on me. I am an analytical person, and I trusted my own mind when I went into the hypnosis, assuming it would be the same in the hypnotic state.

      As it happens, my hypnotizability was my vulnerability, especially as the hypnotist was unethical, and I got caught.

      Once caught, it took me along time to figure out what was happening. The hypnosis interfered with my ability to see what was happening, and I am sure it is like that for many others, Perhaps that is why many never see through it?

      Even after I had realized that the hypnotist was unethical, and had stopped having hypnosis, I still did not really understand what had happened to me under hypnosis. The hypnotist used amnesia blocks for part of it, and I had no conscious awareness of some of it.

      It was only much later, when I sat down and listened to all the hypnosis tapes, that I realized the full extent of what had happened to me. It was only then that I heard the hypnotist leading me so overtly. When I was hypnotized I could not recognize that. The words just translated into “memories” for me that I was experiencing in the hypnotic state.

      I understand that hypnosis does not affect everyone this way. Some people cannot be hypnotized at all. But some people are very affected by it, and it can be extremely harmful.

      You have to be aware that if you agree to be hypnotized, that you might be giving away your autonomy, and that you may easily end up with false memories. If you go into it thinking that it won’t affect you much, and that it will all be fine, you could be seriously mistaken. Just because it is like that for some people, does not mean it is necessarily going to be like that for you.

      I hope that what I, and others, have done to publicize this might help others to make more informed decisions about being hypnotized.

  5. Here’s an example of Earth environmental stewardship concerns in conjunction with an encounter that did not come from hypnosis.
    In the Ariel School Encounter one of the girls talks about the idea that we’re not looking after the planet properly coming to her mind via the eyes of one of the little people she saw:

  6. I have never been hypnotized and I have had MANY experiences… some where i was not afraid and some where i was terrified and fighting…. of course I don’t remember all that happens, but I remember enough.

  7. Well its very obvious with the questions you ask, that you haven’t done any real research. You have no idea about the statistics at hand, (your own questions show you haven’t) you lack an understanding of what hypnosis is, and how its applied. In fact, your opinionated statements are so disturbingly off, that I’ll have to reply in babysteps about every sentence you wrote. Why report on a topic if you cant bother to research it? Now your left a liar, or really stupid.
    1st. No. There is no evidence that hypnosis triggers any whole events such as an alien abduction.
    2nd. A hallucinagenic experience on LSD is something you cant explain to someone who has never done LSD. Its too far outside their experience. However, Hypnosis is not, its simply putting a person in arelaxed state to help them recall a tramatic experience. Not some mysterious treatment that magically puts people under control, they are in control.
    3rd. Research shoews that yes, the aliens seem to want to cover up what it is that they exactly are doing.
    4th. These tramatic experiences didnt happen after hypnosis, these experiences are the reason why they go see a Dr. to begin with. Do you actually believe people are brought in and put under hypnosis, and then we get alien abduction cases?
    5th. No hypnotic regression scenario is created.
    6th. abductees are not put into situations, their recalled by the abductee.
    7th. Peolple abducted tend to be throughout their life, even still, one event is enough to schedule many more appointments. This is the same as any mental health case, do you actually believe this is suspicious, or did you not investigate?

    • These are all untrue. Pick up a study or just head on over to to see how a hypnotist creates an abduction story in numerous subjects. Then you don’t have to ask angry Homer Simpson questions like, “Do you really believe…?” No, I do not believe. I know. The facts are the facts. Do YOUR homework.

      • With all the professionally qualified research readily available, see Shaw, Loftus, Morgan, etc., it is more than clear that witness testimonies, methods of conducting interviews, and alleged memory enhancing techniques are very poorly understood throughout the UFO community – and that’s if the players happen to be ethical and sincere, as compared to poorly informed. The unquestionable bottom line is that anyone still subscribing to the use of hypnotic regression as an investigative technique – for alleged alien abductions, no less – is simply deluding themselves. While this issue should by all rights be long dead in the water, some of us will continue to speak out on it as long as “investigators” continue to misrepresent science, promote complete conjecture as fact, and harm people in the process of partaking in their ill advised “research”.

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