Why Alien Symbols And Math Will Turn Out To Be Meh-Worthy


Know what I’m sick of in ufology this week? It’s that the old guard is trying to gussy themselves up, polish their dull spots, and present themselves as not-the-problem. They are doing this by mimicking dissenting voices, downplaying hypnosis, and pretending to do scientific studies. It’s as if the world of ufology listened to Paratopia, read Project Core, and said, “I can sound like those guys!”

Listening to Peter Robbins talk about the problems of ufology on Jim Harold’s show is like listening to Jeff Ritzmann or me or a handful of others talk about those same problems–except we’d be naming him as one of the problems. Personality Disclaimer: Peter is a nice guy. I like him personally. This is not mud-slinging. It’s a fact that he is the very thing he’s lamenting in that interview.

Being a part of the solution means actually doing what you say you do–which is following the evidence wherever it leads. Not sounding like you do. Not claiming that you do. Actually doing it. And let’s not get started on feeling compelled to come up with new material to keep your career as a stage performer. I won’t accuse Peter of that, but his friends? Oh, the company he keeps.

But I’m only picking on Peter because I just listened to as much of that show as I could stomach. He’s not the whole of the problem; there are many like him. Some have even banded together to form “new” “scientific” groups doing “never-before-performed” studies and surveys of abductees.

Christ, really?

And these fresh faces of the new include the likes of the same-old-shit hypnotists that got us into this mess in the first place. One of them is working on decoding some mathematical equations allegedly given to alien abductees by aliens. This only interests me because an experiencer friend of mine told me back in September that members of his group were also coming back from experiences with equations and he wouldn’t tell me more than that. It was all hush-hush, apparently.

I’m going to go on a limb here and say that in all cases these equations will turn out to be of no consequence whatsoever. But I’m going to give you something to chew on as to why. No, it’s not the Trickster and I won’t make a Stan Romanek joke. It has to do with my last blog post.

If any bookworm out there in ufology is looking for a real clue that you can sink your teeth into to further the investigation into the nature of this stuff, I’m giving it to you free of charge. Unless you think the following is coincidence, someone with a brain please do something with this….

Hallucinogenic Transcendence

  • When one takes a dose of a psychedelic ample enough to break through to the crazy carnival of transpersonal mind, the barrier one goes through is a visual of flashing symbols and geometric patterns. It is as if one transcends logical structures to end up in the hyper-real imagination that exists beyond yet inclusive of one’s personal imagination.

Spiritual Transcendence

  • When one is on the verge of transcending the personal mind and transpersonal mind–leaving the brain-born and the human collective consciousness for that universal “I Am” nothingness/all things experience in which both minds exist, one receives logical, rational, spontaneous epiphanies and insights into the nature of reality.

Alien Communication/Download

  • Sometimes when one engages with the enigmatic other, often called “alien,” the communication begins with flashing symbols, geometric patterns, and mathematical formulas. And sometimes these are perceived to be “downloads.”

Could it be that in spirituality universal, logical truths come to us not because enlightened beings or god(s) deem us worthy to report such wisdom to our tribe but because that’s the barrier of the brain or of the rigid, rational self caving in?

Could it be that in the psychedelic trip it’s a similar story? A logical breech into the translogical means you see the logical being breeched?

Similar also in the “alien” encounter, which marries the two: an experiencer perceives these beings from on high downloading their brains with symbols or otherwise being shown flashing visuals of physics.

Could these three similar/same types of visuals be what the fabric of reality looks like when the egoic, rigid self is about to transcend its own state and/or its own physics? Do we, in those moments, necessarily see… physics?

There might be something we can grab onto here. At the very least, we can say that when these abductee equations come back as a hodge-podge of stuff we already know, we’ll have another theory to look at besides they’re lying, they’re delusional, or it’s the self-negating principle of Trickster Theory.

And we can now question whether these equations were given to them or were just a natural part of their hyper-real circumstance.

Hyper-real circumstance… hmmm… This means that an alien abduction… ah…  how do I put this delicately for the alien crusaders? … Wait for it… –ain’t nuts and bolts aliens here with us in the flesh and blood.

Yes, taking a look at what I just laid out means calling into question the reality in which abductions take place. It may mean there’s no Star Trek-like disclosure coming anytime soon because the abduction or communication–whatever the correct term is at this point–is taking place not in a ship hovering over one’s house, but in a frequency right next to channel normal, which is located just outside the bubble of the brain-born self.

Are the Peter Robbins’ of the world ready to tackle that? Ready to give up the hypnosis crusade and the Rendlesham noise of the dying cottage industry they built or partied in, yet now wish to publicly divorce themselves from?

Cricket… Cricket….





3 thoughts on “Why Alien Symbols And Math Will Turn Out To Be Meh-Worthy

  1. Investigators relying on hypnotic regression have provided elaborate accountings of abduction events. Not content to merely lay bare the mechanics of a carefully concealed plot, these researchers offer tidy explanations regarding the internal motivations of the extraterrestrial beings allegedly behind it all. Despite being privy to the deepest secrets of the invaders, for all intents and purposes the story told by these investigators died right there. During the past 30 years no firm timetables have been revealed, no future action plans for alien takeover exposed, and nothing beyond the standard status quo clichés of abduction has been described. However, while abduction research stalled, the rest of the world did not stand still. New genetic analysis technologies have revolutionized scientific research and medical practice. Although these methods are widely available, no one has yet come forward with the confirmatory genetic evidence of human-alien hybrids, ‘breeders’ or adulteration of the human genome. The most remarkable thing by far is that not one of the investigators who so confidently informed us they penetrated screen memories like lasers, fearlessly exposed a concealed, monstrous plot and accurately deduced the nefarious intentions of utterly alien beings seem to know what to do when technology offers them the power to actually prove their hypotheses are true. Notwithstanding bold talk about following the evidence where it leads, I suggest investigators are not about to walk into the lethal trap they constructed. They have correctly recognized that route leads straight to a funeral procession for their dead ideas.

    Awakening to the realization that investigators have been running in deeply rutted circles of fantasy for a long time, some of the audience may be growing restive. Perhaps we are now seeing some researchers adopt a fresh image while desperately seeking something new and a little less professionally dangerous to pitch to the public. We will have to wait to see whether the anticipated new contentions involving mathematical equations, binary code downloads and symbols break any original ground or conveniently plug right into an old formula serving the same old, unverified ideas. I suggest this injection of novelty serves a function similar to infusing a cadaver with embalming fluid. The process of decay may be delayed temporarily, but few will be fooled into thinking that corpse is still alive. They may come up with new angles, but the spectacle of paranormal phenomena investigators imitating science and falling victim to confirmation bias is a tired act.

    Extrapolating their now decades-long record of non-achievement and no substantive progress, I am convinced the current leaders of alien abduction research will continue to guide the field nowhere. The truly new initiatives must emerge from other sources. Maybe we are now seeing that in progress in this blog. Noting several classes of transcendental experiences and proposing they share common features, perhaps what people have interpreted as the primary message of paranormal experiences is more akin to the static one hears between stations when tuning a radio. Hopefully, people will recognize a new point of possible departure, one that poses a challenge to the received wisdom, and explore ways to investigate it further.

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