Weird Confirmation of A Small Personal Experience

photo taken in Pololu Valley by author

photo taken in Pololu Valley by author

I’ve searched and searched JayVay for the account but I can’t find it. Perhaps I gave it on an episode of Paratopia or in a vlog. Or maybe I just left it on Facebook. I’m not sure–but I know I’ve talked about this publicly. I feel comfortable enough lazily asking so that I don’t have to repeat the whole story, Hey, remember that time a couple of years ago when I talked about walking down the cliff of Pololu Valley and heard a voice in my head that was me but not me tell me to take off my shoes and walk it barefoot? And remember that the lesson of doing so was that my feet just knew where to step when I got out of the way and let them walk, but if I’d intervene to find the shorter path of least resistance–that’s when I’d get hurt (step on a sharp rock, stub my toe, etc.)?

Anyone here remember that?

Now hear this. It’s the first thing McKenna talks about, before the music overwhelms. I believe it confirms what I was saying and because it does, negates what he’s saying in terms of it being an atrophied ability and the need for psychedelics to get back to that mind.



11 thoughts on “Weird Confirmation of A Small Personal Experience

  1. You talked about this on an episode of Paratopia. Don’t know which one, but I listened to it in the last month or so as I’ve been going through the archive.

    • Oh, P.S. – as I recall it, you shared that you were compelled to *run* – not walk – down a path filled with boulders. That stands out to me because I was thinking, “that’s not a good idea” and was expecting you to say you fell into a boulder and knocked out your teeth.

  2. That may be. The id3 tags on the paratopia archive files are jumbled a bit and somewhat inconsistent in terms of what is labeled what. Add that to the fact I’m still using an old school microsoft zune to listen to them and that adds up to listening to stuff out of order. That is to say, it’s totally possible it was a Paratopia Live episode.

  3. Yeah, id3 tags are like additional hidden info contained within the file. On the Zune the files are arranged by id3 rather than actual file name. The player says things like “Jeff’s Files” or “Jeremy’s Files” instead of everything neatly being under “Paratopia.” For me, there’s like 70% of the files being under “Paratopia” with the first couple episodes falling under some other title. When I’m driving around what happens is I begin hearing references to episodes that I didn’t catch and then I just have to go hunt them down. This happened the other day when on an episode I was listening to Jeff brought up “Dr. Scott” and his views on hypnotism in the Emma Woods case. I just had to go into other sub-folders on the Zune to find out where it was. Maybe I should just get myself an iPod. I don’t know if Apple-heads might run into the same issues or not. Everything is nicely organized in the files downloaded from mediafire or whatever the host site was you uploaded them to, but the id3 tags got jumbled I guess.

  4. Not a problem – just a real long way of saying, “I don’t know if was a Paratopia or Paratopia Live episode.” LOL.

  5. For whatever it is worth, I was once on LSD (a long time ago) and my friend drove us to a beach nearby. We parked at the top of a hill, and the route down to the water was covered with loose rocks. I was tripping out pretty heavily at that moment, but I ran down the hill without even looking where my feet were going. As I went down the hill, I marveled that somehow I was not falling on my face. If I had been drunk or disoriented in some other manner, I would’ve surely slipped on a rock on the way down. But it felt like I was gliding, almost as if I wasn’t stepping at all.

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