The Experience – Hawaiian Style

ocean pondLast week saw the premiere of my new show on, The Experience. It is still available to listen to or download. In it, I ask experiencer of high strangeness Joe Gooch whether he feels special in any way–blessed or cursed–given that his life is so markedly different from the norm. (And, oh yeah, because he was told by a psychic medium that he’d one day be a powerful and famous medium himself. Hasn’t happened. Yet.)

This week, I’ll take you on a completely different journey no less fascinating. They say you have to start near to go far. It doesn’t get any nearer than my adoptive state, Hawaii. Hawaii is like a crossroads for high strangeness phenomena. We’ve got it all and then some: coordinated ghosts called “Night Marchers,” UFOs, giant fireballs, faerie-like wee people called “Menehune,” the volcano goddess, Pele, and enough “ask and ye shall receive” synchronicity action to build the plot of LOST around.

My question is, something like the Menehune is actually rooted in history. Who were these people? How did they end up mythologized? And if it’s just folklore, then why do people report encounters with them to this day? We’ll get to the bottom of this with an alternative history lesson from “Jacki,” a local who has seen it all and understands this place on more levels than anyone I’ve met.

Your Hawaiian vacation starts Wednesday, only at


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