Travel Log: The Power of Prophesy Tested

This almost counts as a Paratopia post….

Welcome To The Donkey Blog!

When last we left our hero (me, thank you very much) he had tempted the Fates and left Hawaii to attend a cousin’s wedding in New Hampshire. Prior to the wedding, he was toiling away in Massachusetts. We now pick up where we left off weeks ago. Toiling away in Massachusetts. Still.


As anyone on the Kona side of the Big Island knows, and as I informed you in a previous blog post, the Original Donkey Balls Store provides an original ground-based early warning system for extreme weather and geological events. It’s this:

donkey ball weather station Tried-and-true.

What I didn’t tell you, and what I didn’t know until yesterday, is that they also provide a head-in-the-clouds warning system for those who prefer a bit more “early” in their early warning systems. It’s me:

Eye am creepy.

Yes, like a modern day Nostradamus but without the clever, if incomprehensible, quatrains, I have received a sign…

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