Is Someone Pushing Us Into A War With Russia?

“Rusev? – Cruuuuush!”

Forgive me for seeing a conspiracy where there may be none. Even I can’t help but notice that a Malaysian flight was allegedly shot down over the Ukraine by a Russian missile on this, the anniversary of Flight 800.

Those Malaysian flights really get around. But that’s not the part that gets the conspiracy wheels cranking. It’s that plus this from Bloomberg Businessweek, also out today:

How Russian Hackers Stole the Nasdaq

The gist of it is, someone from Russia hacked into NASDAQ in 2010. Whatever they were trying to do failed, ultimately, but if it hadn’t, it could have tanked the economy. (Further? I guess?)

Now, 4 years later, details of the investigation are finally being released. The investigators don’t have enough information to say who was behind it for sure, but the strong suspect is a hacker group from St. Petersburg led by a man named Aleksandr Kalinin. Why them? Because according to the FBI, they were continuously attacking the DAQ from 2007-2010. All signs point to this man.

But who does Michael Riley, author of the Bloomberg piece, point the finger at? The Russian Government. Why? No firm reason given, but in that loose soil, a seed is planted. Of course we cannot say for sure that the seed is planted to the end of a higher conspiracy, but we can’t rule it out just yet because the timing of all this is obviously fishy.

So there’s my seed planted. What say you, commenters? Tin foil hat time or does this reek of a setup for getting America onboard with yet another in an endless stream of wars?

And if you live outside the U.S. – Does it feel as though you’re having seeds planted as well?




6 thoughts on “Is Someone Pushing Us Into A War With Russia?

  1. Not just the anniversary of 800 getting shot down…
    What about the ground invasion of Gaza by the Israelis happening *right now*!

    Took the military operation right off the front pages eh?

    Then we get this blatant propaganda crap:

    The entire article is about the political implications/history/blah blah. Wait, hold up here a sec.
    The bodies are still fresh from the crash and the writer has this big-ass in depth story ready to go?

    “No one should doubt that the blame for this tragedy lies squarely at the feet of Mr Putin…”

    Yeah, thought he would say that.
    These events, propaganda and military operations are sick pre-planned skullduggery.
    End of story.

    Loads of evil people are enabled (by fiat cash/banking) to act out their designs on the world stage.
    Total anarchy in every country might actually be preferable to all the mass military mobilizations and killings/’collateral’ damage. I’m sure the death toll over time would be far less.

  2. Also, “Jim Stone” called it a while back in regards to Flight MH370:

    “If the plane is now “found” in pieces it will mean “they” gave up on the B.S. story line and decided to ditch it somewhere rather than use it on the Petronas towers or the Sears tower.”

    He flat out stated a few times that if MH370 didn’t actually crash, it might be used for “terror” somewhere else. I can’t find that exact page and text…but it was a blatantly good call.

    That was on April, 28th 2014.

    Now the *exact* type Boeing 777-200 from Malaysian Airlines just happens to get blasted from the sky under dubious circumstances over Ukraine?

    Whoop….there it is.

    What does this mean for all the actual *good* people of Planet earth?
    They need to get up and work overtime to root out all the corruption.
    Or, barring cooperation from their peers….head for the hills!

  3. To be fair, and play devil’s advocate, it is difficult for a passenger plane to be shot out of the sky under any circumstances that can’t be considered “dubious.” It being the exact type Boeing is also not much of a coincidence considering it is the same airline, as well as considering the number of these planes making international flights everyday.

    The theory of the missing plane being used for a possible terrorist attack was a pretty popular one, even among the major networks. I’d hesitate to call anything so incorrect a “blatantly good call.” The fact that it still hasn’t been found by now doesn’t point much to a vast conspiracy to use it as some form of propaganda. Most likely the simple (but far less exciting for the internet) thing happened, and it crashed and is lost at sea.

    -1 for “Whoop….there is is.” Not only is it a near sacrilegious misquote, it is 20 years late.

    As for the main point of the article, I don’t think we are being pushed towards a war with Russia in the active sense, but I think that (some of) the powers that be are ready and willing to jump on any opportunity to sway public opinion and push things in that direction. This particular writer may have only had a personal reason to put that seed in loose soil, but I’m sure several people in positions of power were glad to see it.

    • I was watching “Real Time with Bill Maher” last night. When this issue came up, the right winger on the panel immediately jumped into his talking points about how Putin is to blame. I think it’s safe to say that the right wing marching orders are to pin it on him, whether right or wrong. Of course we still have yet to find that out. But facts be damned–let’s get this guy!

      Of course that’s more business as usual than conspiracy.

  4. Go here:

    Note the ID of “RC” on landing gear door.

    Tell me how a (presumably) dead guy takes a pic of 9M-MRC on July 17th in Holland?
    Right before boarding it.

    Oh wait, he was supposed to be getting on 9M-MRD (that is listed as kaput):

    And 9M-MRC was (supposedly) in Kuala Lumpur:

    Note caption below pic of 9M-MRC:

    Nope, no conspiracy to swap out planes going on here.

    It appears we have 2 full planeloads of missing persons, presumed dead.
    Some bodies have shown up. Some plane has been destroyed.
    But of *course* it’s a clusterfuck of mishandled/destroyed (possibly fabricated) evidence.


    9M-MRO vanishes over Indian Ocean or wherever.
    Passengers are all ???

    9M-MRC comes by for a quick (undocumented) pickup of a full planeload (pretending to be 9M-MRD). Photo evidence on dead guy’s Facebook.
    Has plenty of time to do this as Flightaware site shows.
    20 hour round trip to Holland and back basically.
    Whisks these people off to ???
    Returns to Kuala Lumpur and resumes service like nothing happened on the 18th.

    9M-MRD is the supposed plane blown to bits over Ukraine.
    No hard evidence will be forthcoming on that front.

    We basically have 9M-MRD (presumed destroyed) and 9M-MRO missing completely.
    2 full planeloads of people never truly accounted for.
    If you can claim you have forensic positive ID on the bodies in the Ukraine I’d love for the public to have FULL access to it.

    Enjoy the implications.

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