Paratopia Strikes Back!

Paratopia Green LogoAt the end of last month I was supposed to send out flash drive sticks of the Paratopia archive to throngs of rabid fans. As luck would have it, the master copy coming from Jeff got lost in the mail. He sent another. It arrived. But as luck would have it, the $90 worth of USB sticks I bought from a seller on Ebay, who had a decent rating, were complete garbage. Turns out there’s a little-known thing as a flash drive scam, not to be confused with Greer’s flashlight scam. I became a statistic. And that sucks… sucks like a fox!

–Because now I’ve been forced to buy a pro account on and put The Paratopia Experience there to live. Yes, that’s right, experience. Yes, that’s right, live. For now, instead of a dead archive reanimating its own corpse on a stick delivered to your door, for a mere $30 you get to stream and/or download everything from Mediafire–and I’m not trying to sell that as the better thing, no. The better thing is that I’ve got a ton of space to play with, so I thought instead of a dead archive, why not a living one? Why not update it every now and again with new content for you for free?

And then I thought, Hey! Since there are clearly people willing to shell out $30 for Paratopia–and since after years of nonexistence our Facebook page is still a lively, thriving place for new ideas–Why not extend this offer to listeners: If there’s an episode, a guest, an idea, that you heard on the show and you want to express your views, or your insights, or have questions keeping you up at night, let me know and we’ll record a chat together for the archive. Alternatively, if you’re shy, let me know and I’ll put the word out there to see if we can wrangle others to do a roundtable chat. It would be like a book club, except for a podcast. And instead of just talking to your pals, you can talk to one of the authors (or both, if Jeff’s available).

One of the things that made the podcast unique was our want to hand it over to the audience. I think that proposition might have been too intimidating at the time to all but a few. However, this is more intimate and you won’t be on your own.

Anyway, there’s that. If you’d like to be a part of The Paratopia Cult Experience, simply create a free-and-very-easy account at (I think they ask for just your name and email). Then send me your hard-earned cash and I’ll send you a link.

Get ready for hundreds of hours of the most dynamic “paranormal” talk show journey that ever was. And that’s no exaggeration.

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UPDATE: I wrote to the seller of the faulty USB sticks saying I know it’s past the refund date and I don’t expect one. But these sticks don’t work and since you’re a top-rated seller, I assume you don’t realize you’re selling scam sticks. Here is the reply. Faith in humanity restored….

Seller’s message:
“Truly feel that you have had problems with this set. I have also had problems with some of them at the time to try them before selling. You can return them, no matter what the time is fulfilled. Your money will be refunded in full and the cost of shipping.   I appreciate your benefit of the doubt. Having the category Top Rate Seller, my sales volume, not by accident it’s because we strive to solve problems and sell with Honesty. Now I also have to complain to the people I bought this set of memories. Let me know if you need any help on how much the shipping”




On another note, writing this now and an email to someone just prior is a huge deja vu to the extent that I feel as though I know what happens next in terms of a response from the seller or maybe someone else? … Except the flash of it doesn’t actually make sense. Unless there’s, like, a parallel world where this happened and it went slightly differently in a worse way.

If any of that made sense, you’re ready for Paratopia. lol


17 thoughts on “Paratopia Strikes Back!

    • I’m selling something and he wants you to pay his bills and rent as charity work forever, giving an evolving set of excuses while he buys a brand new car.
      Run along now, little troll.

    • The differences are Jayvay has not banned me yet and Gene has. The second is The Paracast is so full of ads that I can not stand to listen to it. It is worse than American TV. Third Gene is a sycophant of the highest order. I could go on but I have others to hate on and I simply do not have the time.

      Are the podcasts downloadable? And if not why? And if not how long are they going to be live?
      I enjoyed the shows the first time around and should have ripped them first time around 🙂

      PS do more Steven Greer skits especially the meditation ones.
      Thanks I am humbled

      • “Are the podcasts downloadable? And if not why?”

        –they are downloadable, streamable, and downloadable as zip files.

        There are a couple of Greer things in there you may not have heard before. But there’s always room for more.

    • What is the difference? Really? Your inability to see the blatantly obvious concerns me. Oh well, here are the differences. Also, I will give them to you in the form of a numbered list. Hopefully that will help you comprehend and retain the information.

      1. Jeremy is selling something, you give him money and you receive a product in return. It is called capitalism. Gene wants you to pay his rent, his medical bills, his electric bill, his netflix bill and since he recently bought a new car, with a price tag equal to many peoples yearly income, he probably wants you to fund his car payments as well.

      2. If memory serves, jeremy actually has a real job. Gene has been claiming extreme poverty for years whilst not having and not getting a real job. He has said that he does not want a job as the actual real jobs he could get are not good enough and are apparently beneath him. Therefore you should fund his life for him. Also, his hobby is recording a podcast so you owe him anyway.

      3. On his blog, jeremy sometimes mentions things that he is selling. Gene spams his mailing lists and sets up gofundme campaigns for himself in which he thanks people for paying him and than tells them it is not enough as he still needs more cash as what he has already been given is not enough to completely pay his bills.

      There are more differences but these three should be enough to show the difference between jeremy
      and gene.


    • Perhaps I misunderstood the question. I thought you were a member of the tribe of trolls who have no ammo and are basically down to creating false equivalents. (I.E., “You sell merchandise and Gene begs for money for rent and bills while buying a brand new car–How are you any different than he is?”)

      If that’s not what you meant, I apologize. Maybe you were asking how our shows are different and I jumped the gun.

      What did you mean?

    • I am sorry as well.I did not read all the comments before commenting myself. Although I do find it odd that j’s blog post was about selling something and did not mention steinberg and yet you asked the question you did. Your question makes no sense if all you wanted to know was where you could find the show.

    • No. There used to be a podcast and a live show, which primarily makes up this archive. But I woke up one day and realized I’d said all I can say without becoming an echo, so we called it quits. Jeff has his own show now called “Paranormal Waypoint.” And I bum around getting overly hostile to well-intentioned people. Sorry again.

  1. Is the archive up and running yet? I liked the idea of the USB sticks because there was less chance of archive killing chaos. Guess I was wrong about that LOL.

    • Yes. It’s been up since I posted this, without incident. If you’re one of the folks who ordered the stick, I emailed everyone about it through paypal. Some didn’t get it/had it end up in their spam folders. The gist of it is this: I’ll gladly refund you in full or give you instructions on accessing the archive. Your choice. Just let me know privately which email address to use. (If you’re international, either way I’ll refund you your $10 shipping.)

      If you didn’t order the stick… I wouldn’t worry about archive-killing chaos. I have thoroughly trounced the Trickster. (And my computer implodes in three…two….)

  2. Love it. I’m currently loading the zip files onto a lead encased USB drive to be stored in my 2 foot thick cement underground bunker in hopes of preventing any more…..turbulence. So stoked to get this that I’m starting over from the beginning. Thank you!

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