Natural Culture vs. Mental Culture

Michael Shermer’s TED conference sparks an insight that there are 2 types of culture: nature-born and mind-born. Nature-born is based on that which is lived moment to moment. Mind-born is based on an interpretation of an experience and/or is completely made-up. The former is includes present-tense cultures of indigenous and First Peoples; the latter is past-tense and includes religions, human secularism, and atheism.

Only one is actually better for our continued existence–and it ain’t the one in a perpetual state of “fixing” things as it breaks them.


23 thoughts on “Natural Culture vs. Mental Culture

  1. Perhaps the non-fluid and inflexible mind naturally leans towards secular humanism. Think about how pliable one’s mind has to be in order to ‘seek’ truth in whatever subject. Isn’t it sooooo much easier to say nothing matters, what is, is and that science is the only truth. Cemented minds are killing this world.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if whatever we believed about the afterlife – non afterlife believers ‘blip’ disappear into nothingness and those who believe in more, in the spirit, soar to the next steps. We get what we give.

    “Sophisticated and well educated believe in the material world and the essence of life, the complex world with uncertainty and ambivalence” not being a threat but a chance to continue to explore challenge one’s self.

    Michael Shermer is just a safety blanket for those who have fast-drying-concrete minds – they are afraid and fear is killing this world.

    • “Perhaps the non-fluid and inflexible mind naturally leans towards secular humanism.” – I think the mind that functions from the past–which is the typical one we’re using right now–will, on its best day, be so overly concerned with being right that it will smirk all the way to extinction.

  2. Hi Jeremy, in the link I sent to you (up there) at about 23:00 min the professor speaks about her following the practices of witches in ernest – eventually she sees three hooded beings in her living room (she casts this off as a hallucination) but she did not know she was meant to see them if she followed the practices properly. How can she just cast if off as hallucination – if other witches too see the same three beings (she did not know this at the time). Do you think this could have been a meme that accompanied these certain behaviors? Does one care anymore about these questions? Is one too busy and suntanned to care?
    The reason I sent it to you because it is one of the first things that has sparked my questioning about things in a while. It was sent to me out of the blue by a friend who hears voices and believes they are spirits speaking to her… so this all forced me out of my little happy bubble of everything being related to sleep dysfunctions or simple hallucinations.
    Ahh, what to do and who to speak to? You, my friend, it is you who gets this happy dump. : )

    • “Do you think this could have been a meme that accompanied these certain behaviors? Does one care anymore about these questions? Is one too busy and suntanned to care?”

      Possibly. No. Yes.

      Here are a few options to tug on:

      1.) Change the word “meme” to “program.” Is there a psycho-spiritual or imaginal program–let’s call it a virtual program to stay away from emotionally-charged words–that is triggered by creative visualizing, focused intent, and repetition? If so, where does it originate from? If from the human collective, which came first: the hallucination of druids or the wanting to see druids? I mean, if a collective of people are seeing a tulpa, who decided that’s what the tulpa would be? And does it have a life of its own now?

      2.) Are there intelligences other than us inhabiting the fluid realm of the imaginal? If so, I imagine their sense of structure, their physics would look mighty brittle from our perspective because there’s so much that is not rational or not possible in solid world that happens there. Therefore, it makes sense to me that something of that place would act as the key to the door–words, intent, creative visualization, disciplined senses. These would be tools there.

      3.) According to Hank Wesselman’s books on shamanic transformation, one of the things he says he does is create a happy place in his imagination. A garden. And he goes to it in his mind, plants things, tends to the garden, and so forth. If he is to be believed, it starts to take on a life of its own and becomes a meeting ground for him and other spirits. (Or for him and his future ancestor, who is actually a reincarnated version of him, to have chat time. Or something. It’s complicated.)

      The point is, imagine creating a happy place that is so real to you that you smile when you close your eyes and “go” there. Now imagine someone you’re not consciously placing in the scene walks up and says hello.

  3. Thank you for your thoughtful and beautiful response. I think I might try planting a window box. Plus, it’s great information to pass along to my friend. – Much appreciated!!

  4. I have more to say but I will restrain myself out of respect for your elephant grass and your suntan.

    • Say more! But let me know if you’re expecting a response. Sometimes I don’t respond to posts because I don’t realize the poster is waiting for me to say something. It’s not because I’m working on my tan. Hawaii does that for me.

  5. P.S. Everyone wants you to respond. They want your brain or at least that little part of it – the part that counts. Ha.

    Sooooo anyway, what I was going to throw out there is my experience with the dark being with glowing eyes beside my bed. Nice tall thing that I told you and Jeff about that was all black and about ceiling height. When I told “it” it wasn’t real it fragmented and faded. I am just stuck on this one. Mostly because I wonder if I had ‘bought into’ the vision would it have had some physical power over me. Fear yes, but could it have appeared over and over again refreshing itself and feeding off of my fear. I have felt held down in my bed before – imagine the horror if you really believe these things are real.

    Everything that bothers me now I confront with ‘you aren’t real’ and, I must say, I am not as fun to torment/play with as I used to be because there is a part of my brain that is very aware of the hoax factor (personal or otherwise) involved in these events.

    I have had some events and I am just so “Go away” about the whole thing that maybe I am missing an opportunity for communication. In fact, I feel because I am so balanced about the ‘intrusion of the other’ and not afraid that I feel I am in the best possible position to receive a message or a sign or whatever – but the minute I call ‘bluff’ the vision disappears.

    I remind myself that I am still dealing with a sleep disorder so maybe that is all this really is. But it still feels like there is something moving beyond what I see – I will not discount the “other” but now I can’t tell the bloody difference between hypnogogic and something reaching out to me from that natural elemental place.

    Is there a question here? Probably not… but you can still comment. : )

    • If you don’t feel fear, why not ask it questions instead of waiting to receive a communication? Ask it if it’s a projection of your own mind. See what it says.

      This is a golden opportunity either way you cut it, because if it is a personal hallucination, it’s coming from your unconscious, right? So you have the ability to directly and consciously talk to the part of you that most people spend their lives trying to make use of in lucid dreams.

      What do you want to know about you? Start there. See what happens.

  6. Very good advice – I will have to wait for eons until my guard goes down but when it does and something odd happens I will be prepared with a good ol’ – am I you / are you me – dialogue. I let you know if/how it turns out. Thank you.

    • Replying to both of you…
      Many ‘ifs’ abound here in this situation. (lol sorta)

      You can ask ‘it’ to find out if ‘it’ is you…

      A negative ‘being’ or thought form could just say “Yes, of course”.
      Then, you would be suckered in easily.

      Remember the pic of the ‘UFO on the fishhook as bait’ from this very blog?
      Sums up these situations very well don’t you think?

      The stuff from Phil seems to apply a hell of a lot to this blog:
      “Thus all manifestations of apparent non-physical beings – whether they be identified as demons, archons, astral lords, dark entities, spirits, guides, ascended masters, angels, archangels, Elohim, gods / goddesses, one’s own purported ‘higher consciousness’, God, Creator Consciousness, etc., are actually occurring within, or at least are illusions sourced out of, the astral sub-reality. The latter also appears to correspond in part with the various concepts of the ‘common unconscious’, ‘collective human consciousness’ and so on – so it is also the repository of all the so-called ‘archetypes’ of human experience.”

      “On the basis of a lot of observations over some years I have come to the conclusion (i.e. as part of my working model, rather than a fixed belief) that ALL non-physical beings and other non-physical manifestations (including ‘other realities’ and displays such as night hell visuals) are illusory, and not ‘real’ in any genuinely helpful sense – and that the cause of those illusory phenomena is interferences from the garbage (i.e. ‘dark force’). Indeed, according to my understanding, it is fundamentally impossible for the astral sub-reality to contain actual conscious beings, because it is that aspect of reality (and indeed, of consciousness) that consists of all our projected illusions and distorted notions. Nothing within it can be shown to have any objective existence.”

      All this from a guy not interested in UFOs etc.
      Check out his experiences at that site. Dig deep and really spend some time reading.
      He went there and back. Hell of a cautionary tale.

      He would suggest to never ‘let your guard down’ or become ‘ungrounded’ (his term).
      Wise advice I believe.

      On the other hand, Blake did say “The road of excess leads to wisdom”…
      The price of that knowledge better be worth it.

      Why mess with ‘junk food astral thoughts’ when you can think quality new thoughts for yourself in ‘the now’? Escapism possibly? People do like their Escapism.

  7. Let me rephrase. How are you Jeremy? I didn’t take the time to ask and just leaped into my blabber- space. So, how are you doing, are you happy in Hawaii? Are you still swimming with nurse sharks?

    • Doing well. No nurse sharks but did swim around a completely disinterested white-tipped reef shark. Both shark encounters were with them just lying on the ocean floor. They’re much lazier than in “Jaws” and less bitey.

      Hawaii is one of the few things that leaves me smiling consistently.

      Are you still on Facebook?

    • Oh….another page directly related to this topic:

      “Shouldn’t you be engaging in constructive dialogue with these entities?”

      It has been put to me by various people* that I should** be engaging the ‘entities’ in constructive dialogue in order to find out why they are with me and to resolve my issue with them. – Barmy! As such (actually illusory) entities are just manifestations of the garbage, which itself can very constructively be regarded as rogue programming in thought energy (or thought forms), to engage in dialogue with ‘them’ would be tantamount to asking a computer virus why it is on your computer.*** Try it sometime!”

      “*** Actually it would be considerably more foolish and harmful, because to engage in any such ‘dialogue’ with garbage manifestations reinforces them and gives them a lot more power over you – something that would not really be an issue with a computer virus – at least, in that sort of way. “

  8. No, I dumped the Book of Faces – can I email you? I think I still have your email… let me check… I just sent an email to the two I have. Is there a better way to contact you when saying ‘hi’ is a necessity? :’)

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