Name Our Balls Contest Round 2!

Let The Names Begin!

Welcome To The Donkey Blog!

chickin balls 8oz

Okay, the ballots are in and the voting shall begin on what to name our new line of butterscotch-flavored Chicken Balls. End of round 1. A lot of funny suggestions for butterscotch; it’s going to be a tough call. Thank you everyone for making this such a great success. I feel like I’m winning something.

It’s time to move on to round 2, featuring that cool-breeze flavor, that first-date favor, that I’m-not-even-sure-if-any-of-this-is-making-sense deliciousness you know and love as… MINT! 

Exif_JPEG_422 We come in peace. And in dark & milk chocolate.

As with last time, submissions take place on our Facebook page in the comments section of this very thread, which will have mysteriously appeared there by the time you finish… reading… this… sentence–and done! It’s there. It’s totally there. How did that happen? Hawaii truly is a magical land.

Please read those entrees which came before you to make certain you’re not…

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