What Does The End of The Age of Visual Evidence Mean To Ufology?

Now that Photoshop is no longer the special domain of photographers and analysts, cameras run at unlimited frame rates, everyone with a computer has access to special effects suites, and Google Earth is Google Earthing, I’d say the age of visual evidence is pretty much over for ufology, wouldn’t you? But is that a bad thing?

One could suppose that advanced aliens would have the means to make their craft invisible, rendering the question moot–but if they do they certainly haven’t used their cloaking devices liberally over the years. Maybe they want to be seen. Maybe they don’t care either way. Or maybe, just maybe, they don’t exist at all.

What if the end of the age of visual evidence means this: we can prove that ufological phenomena belong to the trickster realm more than alien? We will know this if, for instance, ufological evidence stops being visual and starts taking place in the other senses. Already we’ve seen people talking about mysterious booms and mysterious trumpet noises. Phantom sounds. And as our attention spans have been decreasing, we’ve been asking ourselves if time is speeding up, right? Some people link this and deja vu to interdimensional beings, parallel worlds, time travelers, and aliens or future humans fixing our timeline, whatever that means. I imagine the next big thing will take place through touch: people claiming to be knocked down by a mysterious invisible force. A phantom sucker punch, if you will. Or perhaps a light tickle on the back of the neck that feels like a finger. Maybe it starts out nice but grows violent until you have a story to tell.

I can also imagine an entire town waking up from the same strange dream about grays and talking to each other about it. Then someone calls Coast and it goes viral.

Is that us searching for an unknown to explore in the face of the “alien” unknown growing quieter and quieter as youtube hoaxes proliferate? Or is the phenomenon doing that? It could be both: as our visual tech renders photo and video evidence moot, we create several new mysterious options for the “alien” to appear in our lives and whichever one becomes the popular norm is built upon by the enigmatic other–if there is an enigmatic other. Perhaps that other is no more than the human collective working in a way we have yet to prove, creating tulpas that act out our agreed-upon mystical fantasies in a concrete way that today’s materialism demands.

We won’t know what the definition of the enigmatic other is if alien ships get replaced with sound, touch, taste, dream, time, or other  phenomena, but we’ll know what it is not: what we thought it was, believed it was, and fought over deep into the night for the last 60+ years. And when the hurt wears off from realizing we’ve wasted our lives believing self-woven fantasies about the other, that’s when we’ll see we’ve actually taken one small step closer to seeing it as it is by having dramatically peeled off a huge layer of what it is not.


11 thoughts on “What Does The End of The Age of Visual Evidence Mean To Ufology?

  1. The other phenomena you mention associated with; sound, touch, taste, dream and time are already happening aren’t they?
    As you say, the ‘booms’ are being reported and have been for the past few years, people often report ‘phantom touches’, odd tastes (which seem to be more the realm of psychics receiving information that way) and dreams, which have always played a part in the paranormal, as have time shifts and other time related shenanigans.
    I’ve thought recently what a difference it would make in this world if the vale of ‘distance separation’ suddenly dropped and we could see the suffering of people no matter where in the world they were. If no matter where you went or what you were doing you could see the people starving in Sudan for instance, we’d all collectively do something about it (I’d hope) if only, just to prevent us from losing our minds from seeing so much suffering on a constant basis.
    At the moment we can switch off the news, ignore the homeless guy down the road and live in a constructed world of ignorance to the suffering of others.
    But if we couldn’t turn a blind eye and couldn’t ignore, then maybe we could change this world for the better.
    I may have wandered off topic here!

    • They are all in play for various types of reported phenomena, you’re right. I was thinking more in terms of them amping up until we latch onto one of them as the defining phenom and then it builds from there. The booms thing is reported, but is it catching on in a big and lasting way?

  2. For the single evidentiary bit, sure, but where many disparate persons are getting the same picture from different locations, backed up by radar fixes and anecdotal testimony? Those still have some value, eh?


  3. I am doing well. Miss the good ol’ days of rabbit hole jumping – miss you and Jeff. Hope all is well with you!

  4. “And when the hurt wears off from realizing we’ve wasted our lives believing self-woven fantasies about the other, that’s when we’ll see we’ve actually taken one small step closer to seeing it as it is by having dramatically peeled off a huge layer of what it is not.”

    Wonderful conclusion to your post… my hurt has still not worn off but I do feel closer to a comfortable acceptance and knowing. I refuse to call myself a skeptic because I am still open to the fact that individuals start their journey somewhere along the line of experience (there is an evolution) – and if they face it head on they will come to the glorious conclusion that while much of it is hoax (self or otherwise) there is a glorious energy that finds us just as fascinating as we find it.

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