The Great Digression

Welcome To The Donkey Blog!

Aloha, one and all!

One of the attractions of the Donkey Ball Store is the ability to watch us make colorful balls o’ chocolate right before your very eyes. Yes, like trained monkeys behind glass, we are… well… trained humans behind glass–and every now and then a tourist will take our picture. Why not? Look at us.

Old School Ballaz. Old School Ballaz.

I imagine they store our images on their iPads or iPhones and torture their friends and relatives with what are essentially glorified slide shows where you zip through your vacation at the swipe of a finger. Perhaps they print out the photos and store them in a photo album for future generations to admire.

“Grandma-ma, who are those people?” I imagine little Cindy-Sue asking as she flips the pages of one of the last handheld books in existence.

“Those are Donkey Ballers,” Grandma-ma explains. In my imagination. Yup, still imagining. Stay…

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