Could David Jacobs Be Part Of A Psy Op?

Have You Seen Me Lately?

Have You Seen Me Lately?

The idea that perhaps notorious abuser of hypnosis-and-therefore-human-beings David Jacobs is part of a covert MK Ultra-style operation has come up a number of times in the past, and again recently in private with some friends. Here’s my feeling on it….

I can’t think of a reason that any agency would still be doing experiments with hypnosis. It’s been around forever. You’d think they’d have figured out its uses and limitations by now, or at least figured out a way to do clinical experiments like normal scientists without having to go all evilly rogue. Plus, now that psychotronic “nonlethal” weapons exist, the notion of seeing if you can control people through hypnosis seems quaint.

I think it’s more likely that Jacobs and all his troubling, delusional colleagues have just made themselves a little bubble in which they thought they were untouchable. If you write protocols for proper hypnosis techniques in a book and challenge naysayers to debate the usefulness of hypnosis, then you seem like you’re on the up and up–and like there are two sides to the debate. Perhaps there were two sides decades ago, but in 2014 the results are in and… hypnosis is unreliable as a memory retrieval tool. There’s not another side to that. Anyone who tells you differently is either uninformed or lying to you.

But, this is ufology, so facts be damned.  If you’re in the bubble and such a narcissist that you forget you’re completely full of shit, then you start to believe your own press and you slip up. You give the recordings of  your hypnosis sessions to your subjects–because what are they going to do to harm you? They’re your friends. You’re their hero. You’ve helped them fight alien invaders. They’ve cried in front of you, been at their most vulnerable with you. They look up to you. They jockey for position as your favorite. And if they behave otherwise–if they snap out of it or grow up–you’ll call them crazy and everyone will believe you because you wrote the protocols, after all, and you’re great pals with anyone they’d complain to in the industry.

Ignore the Emma Woods of the world and they’ll go away or be silenced by your colleague-friends who won’t give real whistle blowers the time of day.  David Jacobs had that luxury until podcasting happened. Just like Billy Meier never had the internet or photoshop to contend with when he put models on string, Jacobs never had podcasting to contend with, where uncontrollable elements outside his circle of friends could get a hold of his audio and expose it to the world.

The bubble has popped, folks. He can’t cover anything up anymore because we fall out of the jurisdiction of his cottage industry buddies. And I don’t just mean Jeff Ritzmann and I–I mean podcasters and internet radio hosts in general. There will always be those podcasters who carry his torch in the hopes of being validated by him and his friends in the field–but that’s not the point. The point is, his audio is out there now. He’s exposed. And he can’t undo it. Ever.

The fact that his friends are still covering for him and he’s still lecturing tells me he’s not part of any government or military conspiracy. If he were his handlers would have done something more sensible–like withdraw him after the operation had been compromised.

No, this asshole is O.J. Simpson writing a book called If I Did It and smirking his way through 20/20 and 60 Minutes interviews. He’s part of the internal ufological conspiracy to keep what should be an important study of the unknown a ridiculous means to becoming D-List famous, having a social life, and traveling on someone else’s dime. 2014 ufology is a paid vacation with friends. Even so, there’s an antidote and we’re it. All of us on the outskirts of the bubble with pins.

David Jacobs is over whether he remains visible or not. I know he keeps threatening to publish a new book; I can all but guarantee you that no major publishing house will ever touch his hybrid fiction again.  If he publishes it, it’ll be through some small publisher, maybe one step up from self-publishing, and struggle to find its way into stores.  Take it from me, who does self-publish: he ain’t getting rich doing that.

He may never go away but he has already shriveled to irrelevancy. That’s what happens when pin meets bubble: pop goes the weasel.  Psy op over. Abort mission.


10 thoughts on “Could David Jacobs Be Part Of A Psy Op?

  1. What puzzles me are the psychologists/psychiatrists who support both Dr. Jacobs and Budd Hopkins.

    Dr. Richard Bonenfant, who has a doctorate in psychology (and who was also in the Army/Special Forces), supports the work of Budd Hopkins, even after Carol Rainey published evidence that Hopkins failed to take into account a psychological evaluation of one of his vulnerable clients.

    Bonenfant also gives glowing support to Sean Meers’ defense of the Linda Cortile case, saying:

    “His defense of Linda Cortile’s case sets a new standard of investigation for researchers to emulate. As a retired research scientist, I wholeheartedly endorse the work he has done and has so eloquently presented in his arguments.”

    I have read some of Meers’ work, and find it very underwhelming. Even people on forums have been able to pull it apart, showing how bad it is. And yet, Bonenfant, with all his degrees and research experience, supports it. It is kind of weird.

    Then there is Dr. Roy Steinhouse, Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science at Temple University,who is also the director of Temple University’s Department of Psychiatry Preceptorship Program. (He was also a Major in the U.S. Army.)

    In the Acknowledgments section of Dr. Jacobs’ book, ‘The Threat’, Dr. Jacobs says:

    “Dr, Roy Steinhouse … supplied valuable comments in the book’s early stages.”

    Dr. Jacobs told me that Dr. Steinhouse used to sit in on the abductee get-togethers that Dr. Jacobs held at his home.

    Later, Dr. Jacobs told me that he shared his hybrid instant messaging transcripts with Dr. Steinhouse, including the ones where he was pretending to the hybrid that Elizabeth had MPD. Jacobs claims that Steinhouse told him to try to gain the hybrids’ trust.

    If that is true, what on earth …?!

    That side of things baffles me.

    • Any way you slice it, you’re going to come to a really sobering conclusion because either these people ARE part of a conspiracy of some sort… or we’ve placed far too much emphasis on the education = intelligence equation. If having a PhD. doesn’t make you any sharper than the next fellow, then the holier-than-thou hierarchy crumbles.

      Then again there’s always the 3rd option: That not everybody with higher education and/or who has climbed the military ranks is the brightest bulb. I mean even within PhDs there’s got to be Einstein and not-Einstein. Guess how many not-Eisteins ufology attracts?

      ALL OF THEM.

      I think that’s why Tyler Kokjohn likes it here: he gets to be Einstein in a sea of fools. (Kidding. Sort of.)

      So, what we’re left with is either nefarious, ruthless coordinated assholes… or assholes tripping over their feet. Both are trouble; both are assholes. But if I were coordinating something as sociopathic as a grand public hypnosis experiment using ufology, I wouldn’t have all my players out in public like that writing reviews that are preposterous to anyone with a brain. Unless that was the real experiment: How long before someone calls us on all this?

      And now something else scary to throw in the mix: I am sure if we check out the past life regression books we’ll find glowing reviews from PhDs. Is that part of the conspiracy?

      I think it’s assholes all the way down, like the Hindus said. Or Stephen Hawking. Or someone. I dunno, I’m not a PhD. Perhaps Tyler should do a guest post: we know well-educated people can be evil delusional geniuses… but can they also be stupid?

    • If, and it’s a big IF, Army intelligence is somehow involved you can bet the crew hanging around Bigelow Aerospace will have something to do with it. Take a look at Col. John Alexander, Stanford Research Institute, The Men Who Stare at Goats by John Ronson, Out There by Howard Blum, First Earth Battalion, Bob Bigelow, National Institute for Discovery Science NIDS,, and anything involved with the hall of mirrors that is Skinwalker Ranch.

      They gutted MUFON from the inside, not to mention this little nugget.

      I do find Bonefant’s interest in cattle mutilations troubling because the crew at Bigelow had at one time both Linda Moulton Howe and Christopher O’Brien under their thumbs along with George Knapp who helped write Hunt for the Skinwalker . Ryan Burns who also wrote a book about Skinwalker has mentioned he was employed in his book and in a live interview about the fictional Skinwalker movie he says something pretty interesting. I have no idea what they are up to and expect zero solid answers. But this is where to look if you want to pursue that line of thinking. They’ve been at it for years.

      • Thanks Rob. That is interesting.

        Dr. Jacobs chose the Paracast and Coast to Coast to respond to my allegations. Christopher Brien is the co-host of the Paracast, and George Knapp of Coast to Coast interviewed Dr. Jacobs. Both of them, in my opinion, covered for him.

        But, as you say, it’s if, and a big IF.

        What did Ryan burns say in the interview that was interesting?

      • Bob Bigelow was responsible for the original Art Bell show which featured George Knapp.

        It’s no accident that it’s the primary radio station that Col. Alexander frequents, and on the rare occasion Bigelow himself. And it’s no accident that the Hale Bopp/Heavens Gate fiasco made good cover for the remote viewing program to go back underground IMO.

        Burns has been compromised by these guys, admits it in the last page of his book, watch whole thing but around 25:00 it gets very interesting. I find some of the things said by Burns in his book to have a very strange correlation to former USAF OSI Special Agent Walter Bosley (Google him) and his Empire of the Wheel books.

        If you dig around the Paracast for interviews on Skinwalker you’ll turn up a few interesting admissions from Christopher O’Brien. Jesse Ventura did an episode of Conspiracy Theory on Skinwalker and fell right into their trap. Episode is useful though to see Col. Alexander (Google him) admit that he set up the UFO reports thing for Bigelow.

        Ryan Skinner is Burn’s buddy in some of the research and has written two books now also along with being responsible for You’ll find Antonio Paris (Google him) from lurking over there on occasion and taking Skinner on Skinwalker ride alongs.

        Interesting and scary cast of characters to be sure and study them carefully. This sort of ties back to the old idea of The Aviary. I can’t promise you any answers but you have more than enough information in these two posts to do plenty of digging. I have no idea what they are up to, but they are surely up to something.

  2. Interesting posts guys and gals. It amazes me that no one has posted on this idea before … or have they?? (dunnn … dunn … dahhhh … or some such …).

    But I see it a slightly different way than you do, Jeremy. I don’t see hypnosis being studied. I see it being used as a tool. A tool to plant nasty little seeds in the culture. People have strange experiences, are vulnerable and confused. They go to Jacobs or someone like him for help. But they don’t get what they bargain for. They go to someone who is part of a bigger agenda who plants nasty ideas in their heads, and they go off and spread them among the populace. When Jacobs is done with his “research subjects” and they have served their purpose, he takes them down by putting ideas of MPD/whatever in their heads, and they are debilitated. They hopefully can no longer function, and he is safe and sound. He has seeded his ideas into the culture, and has covered himself in the process.

    In the end, I believe that it may all be about control. The powers that be are, I think, using the ufo field for a dual purpose, and Jacobs may be part of this. One is to control the masses through fear. The fear of an alien threat akin to Communism, Al-Qaeda etc. Its like what Carol Rosin says about what she was told by Wernher Von Braun. Its all about outside threats. As Bill Clinton said in the Jimmy Kimmel interview a couple of weeks ago (strangely reiterating what Reagan said at the UN in the 80s), a threat from off-world would bring everyone together in peace and harmony (yeah I’m sure most people would like to be in the same bed as the Clintons, and Ronald Reagan …), and all that … New Agey stuff … and that is just one part of the programme. Fear-mongering and bringing people together at the same time. I think that’s referred to as cognitive dissonance :D.

    But then there is the other side of the coin, and that is the building of a new religion. The church (of whatever colour) is failing as a control mechanism, and they need to start a new one. One that encompasses all religions. And what could do that? One involving a race of benevolent aliens, maybe?? Maybe the aliens who started us off in the first place, the Annunaki or whoever they’re called nowadays?? People of a strangely Egyptian attitude. maybe? (cf the Eye of Horus and its various incarnations in the US media, the fashion industry, pop music, and interestingly on the Coast to Coast website background, the Stargate tv series … etc etc etc …) …

    Of course, as always, I have the right to be completely wrong about all this, and I might change my mind about things in a few days or so. But that’s what my gut is saying at the moment. Its all about manipulation and control. “They” are using hypnosis and other technologies to push people in a certain direction, and are happy to play the long game. The end point (whatever that may ultimately be) may be a long way off but the powers that be are happy to take their time. They will encounter hiccups in the road ahead (see Emma’s work on Jacobs) but in the long term, they believe that they will have whatever it is they want, and we will have to live with it.

    Its really up to us to nobble these people like Emma and her supporters have done with Jacobs, and the more nobbling we give them, the less they will get away with. At least, that’s the theory anyway.

    Best wishes

    Harvey P.

    • Ufology used to be mainstream popular. Now it isn’t. Why would the powers that be allow this to happen by having the field be taken over by dogmatic promoters of disclosure and the like? On the one hand, okay, it’s a belief system. But on the other, it’s only speaking to itself because the world stopped listening and started laughing.

      Who outside the ufological bubble is taking the David Jacobs hybrid fear seriously? It seems to me they’ve got their religious threat called “terrorism” through which they are building a global police state, which is the all-seeing eye.

  3. Jayvay I would consider Coast 2 Coast and the History Channel as Mainstream.
    As for Jacobs, are you stating that abductions are not happening? Or is it just the way he describes it that is false? I understand you do not like hypnosis being used, but are you throwing the baby out with the bath water?
    As for the ufological bubble and taking Jacobs seriously, well of course no one is as you stated it is not mainstream. Therefore not much of a psy-op if it is only the insiders that could possibly be influence by it. I am sure Greer could listen to Jacobs prattle on till the cows come (mutilations aside) home and he would still be banging on about light beings and love n light.
    The whole thing is a psy-op. One minute I am watching a video on Ytube stating the Moon is a hologram, then a secret NASA base…. Hoaglands ancient aliens. Ickes beaming mind control device. Oh and a spaceship. Flip a coin and take your pick. Somewhere in the sewage works of ufology there is a diamond of truth, but I sure do not want to go swimming around in the excrement looking for it.
    To conclude we need a break-away ufology to rally and abduct the current ufology. Or perhpas a break-away, break-away, away UFO team… Damn now I sound like Tricky Dicky AD Dolan.

    • It’s not that I don’t like hypnosis being used, it’s that it’s the wrong tool, period. I mean this is no longer a matter of opinion. It just isn’t a useful tool for memory retrieval, but is for behavior modification. So in terms of hypnosis, there is no living baby in that bathwater. It’s stillborn.

      As for abductions, I think that word is too loaded and doesn’t mean anything anymore. Whatever this phenomenon is (or these phenomena are), aliens abducting people seems to me to be the least likely scenario. Or–put it this way–if there are beings from another planet behind this, then they are speaking to us in ways more like shamanism than like Star Trek protocol, it’s just we’ve been lied to about that by so many abduction researchers, we can be forgiven for not realizing it. And it’s not just lying but so not wanting to hear anything beyond their comfort zone that their “abductee” subjects know what not to share with them. How is that research?

      And truthfully, once we admit the hypnosis-conceived alien doctor narrative is invented fantasy, what does that do to the term “abduction?”

      So, I do believe, for instance, that Emma Woods had a lifetime of unexplainable phenomena that smack of interactions with another intelligence prior to seeing Jacobs. But I think he took that play-doh and squished it through his fun factory to receive the pretty shapes he likes to play with. Dismissing his body of “work,” as we can and need to, does not dismiss the subject. it simply brings it back to what it is: an unknown that demands honest scrutiny.

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