Aloha, Chocolatiers and Donkey Ballers!

Three guesses who the new media manager for the Donkey Balls Store is.

Welcome To The Donkey Blog!

Exif_JPEG_422 Aloha! Welcome to the best darn blog about Donkey Balls you won’t have to hide from your spouse and kids! What are Donkey Balls you ask? They’re like round candy bars with funny names to match the numerous flavors. Some have a macadamia nut center; others, a malt center. Some have no center at all–just pure chocolate through and through. We use only the best white, dark, milk, and vegan Guittard chocolates , because unlike the usual novelty fare, we at the Original Donkey Balls Store  believe that when the joke wears off you want to be left with a rich and tasty treat to keep that smile going.

I mean, right? Raise your hand if you don’t like rich and tasty treats. Who amongst us doesn’t like to smile? (Okay, put ’em down, we can’t actually see through your computer screen. Yet.)

Anyway, get ready for a dynamic blog to…

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One thought on “Aloha, Chocolatiers and Donkey Ballers!

  1. I am here to testify that I have personally been to the Big Island’s “Donkey Balls” store and sampled their wonderful coffee and chocolates. And, without question, I can visualize Jeremy V. as the media manager of a shop called “Donkey Balls.” A pitch perfect choice! Jeremy, I have one word for you: “balloons.”

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