Another Nail In The Coffin Of Alien Theory

The headline in the link above captured me immediately because the answer came as quickly as I read it:

Biodegradable Biomedical Implants – ET-Style Technology Here on Earth?

I only bring this to everyone’s attention because the answer to the headline is no, for to say yes would be to revise history. The alleged implants removed from people were not biodegradable. Many of the experiencers claimed that they received these implants in childhood. Whitley Strieber himself still has something in his ear that has been there since the 80’s.

This is important because, to my mind, it’s another nail in the coffin of advanced aliens with whom we are catching up, and further evidence that whatever this phenomenon is, it stays just ahead of our present but lags far behind our future. It perhaps emulates where we imagine our technology is going at the rudimentary stage of our being able to imagine it. Implanted tracking devices? Sure. Collectively, we could see that coming. We imagined it and they delivered something that we assumed too much about. Maybe it’s better put that they implanted some experiencers with a placebo so that they would assume about it, talk about it, keep the conversation going.

But we humans have now gone a step further in actuality and have invented biodegradable components that get absorbed by the body. We can’t rightfully look back at alien implants and say, “Aha! Confirmation!” What we can do is look back and wonder how it is that we’ve once again outpaced the advanced aliens. Advanced aliens still implanting people with bulky, detectable tech. Still using rudimentary doctor’s tools to perform outdated surgeries. We’re on the verge of creating dinosaurs from strands of kagillion-year-old DNA. They’re stealing sperm and ovum to create hybrid children that don’t come out right. It’s kinda silly at this point and I’m willing to blame hypnosis for most of it.

Now that I think of it, even my premise assumes that these retrieved “implants” came from an unknown source to begin with. Perhaps when little Billy fell down and got that sliver of glass stuck in his foot, he should have extracted it instead of waiting 20 years to go to a hypnotist to tell him to extract it because it’s an alien implant.

Or is that unfair, too?

Perhaps I’m wrong on that account. But I’m not wrong in saying that alien implants are not biodegradable. If they were, no one would know what an alien implant was and I wouldn’t be writing this.


6 thoughts on “Another Nail In The Coffin Of Alien Theory

  1. My thought on this is that implants are too terrestrial. They’re not alien enough to warrant them coming from off planet. That’s my gut feeling anyway. I have argued this (mostly with myself!) for quite a while. If aliens were here, their technology should surely be far more advanced than basically a stick of . Their technology would look nothing like we could maybe even understand at this point in our evolution/civilisation. Heck, we may not be even able to see it (an implant) unless it was under an electron microscope.

    All the implants I have ever seen look more terrestrial than anything. They don’t look normal but they don’t look sufficiently abnormal to be called alien.

    My gut feeling is that they’re very much earthly (if they’re implants of any kind, at all), and are probably implanted as part of an ongoing MK Ultra experiment or something.

    Of course, I could be wrong, and the implants are the aliens, and they are starting to take over the earth … wahhhhh.

    Best wishes

    Harvey P.

  2. My _dogs_ have chips implanted in them. Rich people’s kids do…and billionaires. All so that these valuable creatures are trackable if abducted. Where did we get this great idea, this wonderful technology? Right, Lt. Col. Corso handed over crashed saucer debris to the most elite American technology firms so that they could back-engineer alien wonders. Many thanks. I’m sure we’d never in a billion years have figured it out.

  3. > My _dogs_ have chips implanted in them.

    Why chip anyone? Most people have cell phones now — just track them with GPS.

  4. PS – I heard through a ‘Bases’ interview video that one of the frequencies used by a transmitting ‘implant’ was 14.75 mhz.

    Guess who possibly uses those lower freqs?
    14.75 is in that list among 62 others.
    This list is user submitted when they detect a transmission.
    Radio hobbyist stuff.
    14.75 is an odd freq. to run on for a couple reasons. Used mainly because it’s ‘in the gaps’.

    So….one def. possibility is spook agency tracking device (in some specific cases).

    Can O’ Worms lol.

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