Ready Or Not, This Is Reality

Exif_JPEG_422In 2004 I had the experience of being-and-witnessing formless consciousness exploding into all forms. Dr. Andrei Linde recently had the experience of seeing hard evidence for his theory of inflation (the “bang” of Big Bang Theory). Jeff Ritzmann had the experience of a shrouded man who claimed to be from a particle in our world asking him rhetorically of the universe, “You think this is real?”

Can these three points of view point to the same reality?

Yes. They can and they do.

Picture it.

A child wakes up from a nap and immediately begins imaging a universe to play in. The child imagines worlds upon worlds and people, animals, insects–everything–to interact in and as. The child projects and is the bad guy to play good guy off of. All of these characters and settings are the child imagining and immersing. They are the child.

Picture it.

The child imagines a people who have personal self-awareness. Because their real nature is that they are characters of the imagining child, sometimes that transpersonal self-awareness bleeds through the personal and they get a taste of who they deeply are. Still, they tend to cover it up by doubling down on the illusion and building false belief systems around the taste of truth. They live a lie and lie about the truth of their core nature because that is how the personal self survives. (Or so it thinks.)

Picture it.

One day these imaginary people do some math and backtrack to when their expanding universe was just a tiny ball of energy waiting to bang big. They think they have found the beginning of the universe, but there is no beginning and no ending, for in truth there is no time. Eons are but a moment to the imagining child. Although these people can’t know it through their science, what they’ve counted back to isn’t the birth of the universe, not really. It is the moment the child woke up and got lost in the delights of its own imaginings. Not billions of years ago. A moment ago.

Picture it.

This is a close approximation of what reality is, except the physics are backwards. In the analogy, the child is a form, an organism. The child is imagining formless entities. In truth, the intelligence doing the imagining is formless and we, the organisms of mind-stuff, are forms. Formless intelligence gives rise to form and when one’s personal self-awareness drops and the transpersonal comes into focus, one sees all of this very clearly. One witnesses and identifies as formless intelligence exploding the universe into existence–not due to some mysteriously pressurized particles, but–due to the fact  that by merely existing, merely being, formless intelligence must be something. What’s it being? All forms. All forms of itself. Being is its form and being is its action. There is no division at all between no-being, being and the action. BEING is the only game in town.

There is no form without formless intelligence. There is no formless intelligence without form. There simply isn’t. They are inseparable qualities that give rise and definition to the totality of existence. And this is the way things are. By the analogous token, there is no child without imagination and there is no imagination without children or child-like adults. They are a single definition that can be thought of as having two components, but because they are inseparable, there aren’t actually two. It’s just easier to talk about them that way.

So what good does this knowledge do you?

It does nothing for you except to point out that there is transpersonal self hiding behind the personal facade. Because that’s more you than you are, it might be wise to see how this is true and in seeing, drop the personal self. Perhaps a mutation takes place and you will know what a human being really is. Why  that’s important isn’t worth discussing. Get there first or don’t. But let’s not talk any further until we’ve walked the same distance. If I have to holler back descriptions of what’s up ahead for you to yea or nay, how fair is that to me and how real is that to you?

This “experience” of seeing/being formless intelligence giving birth to all forms is not my personal experience. It is not for me. In that moment there is no me as I previously understood myself, that’s the point. It is transpersonal. It is universal. This is a fact, not something I’m supposing, and you can read all about it by the likes of Joseph Campbell and Ken Wilber, the latter of whom has made a living piecing together “spiritual” revelations across all cultures, while trimming out the political and mythical “untrue” stories in which they are embedded. There are universal revelations embedded in relative cultural contexts like one signal playing on channel after channel of pure noise.

Or you can just look at any religious text that says in the beginning there was light or the word or void or the Big Bang. These are all descriptions of roughly the same instance.

That said, just because it isn’t for me personally doesn’t mean squat to you. You still have to take my word for it or call me a liar, call me delusional, call me wrong, whatever. If you are not living it, you’re supposing about it and that’s every bit as useless as if this were an experience tailor-made for me alone.

But it isn’t. It’s tailor-made for all of us.

All of us alone.


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