Is There A New Modern Day Indiana Jones In Da House?

Giorgio Tsoukalos is known around the world as a real life modern day Indiana Jones….

David Hatcher Childress, known as the real-life Indiana Jones to the many fans of his books….

Graham Hancock is an adventurer, a modern day Indiana Jones….

Like a modern day Indiana Jones, Brien Foerster, known for his appearances on Ancient Aliens, is our favorite kind of researcher….

Hmm. I wonder if women get to be India–Real Life Indiana Jones, Patricia Cori, Author of The Emissary Reveals Her Personal Leap of Faith Adventure that Led to Her Roman Soul Mate….

Huh. That answers that, then.

Geez, I wonder if there are classes  or something on how to become a modern day Indiana Jones.


Hey. World. What’s with all the modern day Indiana Joneses? Don’t these people know that Indiana Jones is already modern-day? He’s a modern day fictional character who has probably got another sequel coming to him.

And he certainly doesn’t look like a bee sting in ass hair.


3 thoughts on “Is There A New Modern Day Indiana Jones In Da House?

  1. Wahh haa haa haa. I’ve often thought about this too, la Jer. I was browsing Derrel Sims site a few days ago. Yes … THE Alien Hunter who has never caught one yet, surprisingly but he does have a big gun. I was thinking he was more Indiana Jones-ish. He has a hat and hairy man-elbows and everything. But no … looking again, he’s more Walker, Texas Ranger. Or maybe more of a McCloud … for he does have a moustache(??) … but then again so did the cowboy from the Village People … soooo …

    I don’t know. So many mad people … so many comparisons, and so many people who would rather kick back after a hard day and watch yet another UFO Hunters or Ghost Hunters programme … rather than doing any proper thinking or research.

    Best wishes

    Harvey P.

    PS Just typed “ufologist” into Google Images. There is a high preponderance of facial hair in the ufo field. Hmmm … I wonder what that means???

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