Do Aliens Call Themselves Experiencers, Too?

Photo on 3-8-14 at 10.13 PMHey, experiencer. Yeah, I’m talkin’ to you, alien abductee. I’m talking directly to you because I’m done talking through ufology. They don’t care about us, so it’s just you and me now. Let’s talk aliens. Or “aliens.” I suspect they aren’t doctors from another planet. How about you?

Have you ever noticed that they don’t baby-talk us the way we do children and animals? That’s weird, right? I mean it’s just kind of our nature to speak slowly and sweetly to the ones we love with whom we have a relationship of unequal understanding tipped in our favor. But aliens. They aren’t us so there’s no reason to think they’d behave like us… except they talk to us in our own languages and show us visions that apply to our lives and our sustainability on this here Mother Earth. They do relate to us as humans either on a verbal or an emotional level. So, we’re not animals, we’re not children, and they haven’t squashed us like bugs.

It’s as though we’re equals but we don’t know it. They know it; we don’t. Perhaps what’s true in that is we’re equal in the way that it counts to us both–some codependent multidimensional way where what one does affects the other. Maybe we’re not intellectual or emotional equals but we are conjoined twins: like it or not, we all must survive if any of us are going to. Family in a fractal reality; shards of one broken mirror; a stained glass mural. Or perhaps photo negatives is more like it.

Lately I’ve been on a kick about how the deep structure of the experience and syntax (deep structure) of the communication are sensible even if the surrounding events and grammar are not. Something about linguistics has for years struck me as important here but for just as many, I haven’t been able to put my figure on it.

Speaking of for years…. For years I have said that what makes sense to me is that this intelligence subverts our conscious surface self to speak to our unconscious “more-real-me-than-me” self. That means there is a symbolic communication going on that has subliminal effects. This communication is made to look like a real event but is no more real than a play that conveys a deeper shared reality through subtext. Enter George Hansen and Jacques Vallee to remind us that the mitigating personal circumstances surrounding the very fact that a person is experiencing this at all is its own subtext. Quiet, you two! I’m thinkin’ out loud here!


Experiencers say they have great long-term memories. I have a fantastic long-term memory and a terrible short-term. I can’t tell you what I did yesterday but I can recall the time I ran into the kitchen from the living room all excited because “Mister Rogers” said my age on TV — three. (“Daddy! Daddy! He said my age! He said Twee! He said Twee!” And that’s when my dad bent down to my three-year-old face and taught me how to say “three” instead of “twee.” I don’t think he was nearly as excited about this as I was.)


It is a fact that people generally tend to remember the gist of events and conversations but forget the exact details within 10 seconds of having experienced them.


Let’s put this mural together in the form of a question: Is it possible I’ve been wrong all these years about the unimportance of the surface presentation we consciously remember?  Family or not, what if this intelligence hides the deep stuff in the shallows of the presentation? Hey, even family’s got secrets to keep, right? So, if humans tend to remember the gist and forget the details, could they be hiding the important stuff in plain sight because that’s the stuff we’ll forget anyway? And what we don’t forget we commit to our outstanding long term memories. I don’t want to alarm anyone here, but this is too perfect.

What if the message or audio/visual we remember as the important takeaway from the experience… is unimportant? What if it’s a ruse? What if we are misdirected, manipulated into latching onto the wrong piece of the experience by following our natural inclination like a magic act or a con?

I don’t know or even suspect that this is true–not in a nefarious way, at least. But it’s fun to contemplate.

So… experiencers… do you remember the surrounding details of your experiences? What of the surface, shallow aspects that you discarded can you recall?

Is there anything important there, anything we’ve missed?


3 thoughts on “Do Aliens Call Themselves Experiencers, Too?

  1. Whenever I’ve had communication from ‘the other’ it always sounds.., I hesitate to say mechanical, but technological. There is always a feeling, a sense of “come on, you know this”. Almost an impatience on ‘the others’ part, I don’t know whether this impatience is a sort of “come on, we’ve told you a thousand times now” or if it is trying to remind me of something I have always known, but have forgotten somehow. There is of course also the feeling of familiarity or deja vu which is also common. My gut feeling tells me that we all know what this is, but through collective denial, inattentional blindness and eon’s of historical amnesia our sensory and cultural filters refuse to recognize it. If science found a way to completely shut down our sensory filters I wonder what we would see? Psychedelics of course offer a glimpse of this, but to totally shut off all of the filters? Now that would be something!

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  3. while i am not an experiencer (maybe i should stop right there), but it seems to me that the way that human beings are treated by the “others” is the way that animals, puppies in particular, are treated at the pound by those who work for animal control. hoping that they do indeed find a home, but knowing that the odds are very much against them, the employees can only make it if they don’t allow themselves to become emotionally vulnerable to the fate of their charges. nearly without fail they are animal lovers, but the reality is that most of the animals willl not find homes and will then be put down. to transition this to the alien/human paradigm, the aliens might hope that we will make the changes to save the planet and ourselves but realistically, looking at the history of the species and the rudderless leadership that has been in place since WW2 with short lapses cut short by trilateral and illuminati enforcement, the chances of our suddenly correcting this course of this ship, while it might be contained in the realm of possibility, so is hitting the last four exactas at the racetrack, bringing that last three dollars up to thirty thousand before u exit the gate,,, possible but truly not likely.

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