Grief and The Paranormal

Poignant questions from my friend across the pond….

Ripples In A Pool Of High Strangeness

The loss of a parent is a horrible thing to try and come to terms with.
It’s the ‘natural order of things’, but that fact brings with it no comfort.
My Mum passed in December after a short illness and I am currently working may way through
‘The 5 stages of grief’, the common stages that everyone goes through, and experiences in no particular order.
They are:


Grief doesn’t only include going through these stages but, as I’m finding, brings along with them a mixture of feelings and thoughts all at once.
Especially if, like me, you believe, no, KNOW, there is a continuation of life after we leave this physical plain.
Science tells us that energy cannot be destroyed. It can only be transformed.
When my Mum passed, I saw her ‘Soul’ or ‘Life Energy’ leave her body.
That’s the only way I can…

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