A Question For Experiencers of “Alien,” “Ghostly,” and “Numinous” Encounters

jer-earth-thumb.jpgYou’ve heard me talk a lot about Trickster theory over the years, parroting George Hansen and Jacques Vallee. Certainly I can’t ignore the connection between the appearance of high strangeness and anti-structural moments in one’s life. For example, the night I lost my virginity I breathed a sigh of relief that I wasn’t abducted. My unrelenting fear since high school had been that being with me meant inheriting this abduction situation. But it didn’t happen and so I let it go. Ironically, the next night I had the most in-your-face encounter of my life.

Does it get more anti-structural–that is to say, anti-my-sense-of-normalcy–than having sex for the first time while losing a long-held, deeply obsessive fear? Letting go physically and letting go mentally? And let’s add to that the power of sexual energy itself as a possible factor in high strangeness events. It certainly plays a role in many mystical and shamanic practices.

We have four options for modus operandi (outside of psychological delusion) to look at here: an intelligence that’s waiting for just the right moment to pull an ironic prank; a confluence of circumstances that open one to a larger perception of what’s around them; a confluence of circumstances that open one to having something from outside normal awareness enter their lives; and coincidence.

Statistics rule out coincidence. One down. What can we do with the other three options?

We can talk to each other. That’s it. So I’m asking any reader who is an experiencer of high strangeness that  seems to involve another thoughtful, aware intelligence of any kind… or… any reader who has studied that type of literature and knows offhand of a case…. Has the intelligence ever indicated how or why it came to you at such an abnormal time in your life? Or has it ever indicated that it was playing a morbid joke?

In essence, have you any indication at all from direct experience or case study that the intelligence itself is aware of the anti-structure principal?

That night I cited above, I asked myself, ‘Why am I seeing this?’ And a disembodied female voice answered, “Because you’ve always wanted to remember an abduction.”

There’s no inkling of the poor timing. Anyone else? Please write to me in the comments or through the email form.


4 thoughts on “A Question For Experiencers of “Alien,” “Ghostly,” and “Numinous” Encounters

    • I don’t know if he’s ever fleshed out a particular theory like George Hansen. In fact, I think Hansen is partly building on some of Vallee’s work. But Vallee’s work is all about the tricksterish/deceptive nature of strange phenomena typically called “alien,” but for which he sees little evidence that they are alien. Definitely check out “Passport To Magonia,” if you haven’t read it. It demonstrates the similarities (and exact likenesses) between fairy folklore from ye olden days and modern alien encounters.

  1. Thank you JayVay and Hanoch Ben Keshet for the recs. I’m actually a pretty obsessive Valleenik, i have most of his books in hard copy and have read about 90% of his work. Which is why i asked about any specific trickster references as i haven’t seen any myself (but i’m not all-knowing, so there ya go).

    I’ve read both books, tho i do not have a copy of Passport. In my view, Vallee’s most complete portrayal of his thoughts on the intelligence behind the phenomenon is in his book Dimensions. I cannot recommend it enough, also it’s very cheap so no excuses 🙂 He doesn’t bring up the trickster at all in that book that i’ve been able to find, tho next time i read it i’ll keep it in mind.

    Valle does lay out a number of cases where people have experienced ‘trickster-ish’ after effects *following* ufo/entity encounters. I know that you and Mr. Ritzmann, jayvay, put a lot of emphasis on liminal/non structured lifestyles and events ‘inviting’ or ‘allowing’ these types of trickster intelligences entry to our lives. But, being coyote, trickster encounters can also precipitate/initiate chaos and anti structure (coyote does not respect boundaries). I’ve had this intuition for years, and George Hansen was kind enough to confirm this for me in a conversation we had a couple of years ago. Of course, this ‘going both ways’ is even more mind-bending (also brings to mind coyote’s penchant for bisexuality).

    IMO Hansens’ work touches on a lot of the same things that Vallee notices in his work, but Hansens’ theories and theoretical backups draw from a sociological/anthropological background. I don’t see where Hansen is building on Vallee’s work so much as both of them are grappling with a whole lot of the same info. from very different backgrounds. Which is why i’m so happy there are both of them – i truly believe the only way we’ll make any progress is to start looking at these phenom from a variety of different viewpoints (and not just ‘hard science’).

    Thank you for the thoughtful replies!!! steph

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