Emma Woods Reboot!

Emma Woods UFO Mag CoverCongratulations to Emma for getting her website back up and better than ever!

It’s uncluttered and very easy to navigate. Who knew this censorship nonsense would be a blessing in disguise? Check it out:



4 thoughts on “Emma Woods Reboot!

    • Hi, Rey:

      Thank you for your interest. This may sting a little and for that I am sorry. But, although your board is full of name-recognition, it is also full of people who–whether by accident or not–do more harm than good to experiencers and to the field in general. I cannot purposely endorse FREE until it proves it isn’t a frivolous group doing bad science.

      And honestly? I hope that you do prove to be better than my instinct tells me because we need better eyes on these phenomena than what we’ve got.

      Take care and good luck!


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