High Strangeness, Physics, And The Communication Gap

It is taken for granted that if some of the unidentified aerial phenomena reported to perform spectacularly “impossible” maneuvers are technological objects, then they are breaking the laws of physics. It is taken as self-evident that anyone piercing our dimension from another universe is likewise busting up our physics. I ask you, does it not make sense, then, that the reason so many high strangeness experiences involve silly or inconceivable communications is because communication, too, falls into the realm of broken reality? Is this why another intelligence speaks to experiencers through indirect means over the long haul?

Often communication starts to look strikingly like the hero’s journey where one is reading signs and doing the work to figure out, well, first of all, what is a sign and what isn’t. But then what is being communicated and why me?

Why all this work on our part? Is it to bypass the ego and speak to the most real aspect of us–the unconscious? Is it to bring forth the unconscious into the conscious, thereby creating whole humans, people they can communicate with directly after all is said and done if a one of us makes it that far?

Or is it simply that there is no easy way to communicate directly for extended periods of time because in the midst of our reality-shattered moments together, communication is one of the elements that gets shattered?

Or… is it all three? Are wholly-conscious people the key to extending a lasting bridge of communication? Are we receivers now but at the edge of being able to transmit?

Is an intelligence building a bridge between worlds through us? If so, how successful has this been? I’d venture, not very. There are too many obstacles on our end. Feeling special, feeling frightened, leaping to conclusions that disconnect us from mystery, basic disinterest, willfully blocking it out–jamming the signal, as it were. These are all not small issues but what we’re hardwired to do. (Also, let’s add unexpected or early physical death to the mix.)

Notice that the direct messages are often inconceivable but they aren’t incomprehensible. The words may be silly, the grammar may be off, but the syntax is correct. We understand that there’s an intelligent being communicating with us. It’s the same for the object in the sky–outlandish maneuvers, perhaps it’s responding to witnesses on the ground or in a plane, which requires unfathomable control… it’s doing things that are “silly” and aeronautically incorrect but we still understand them as technology in the sky. We still see them and name them.

6 Dimensions of Hammer Time

It’s not just the other that’s a bit off. Our reactions are broken, too. When something walks into your bedroom babbling at you do you throw the covers over your head and hope it goes away? Do you calmly turn to your partner and say, “Are you seeing this?” And then have a calm discussion about the stranger who has broken into your home and is standing at the foot of your bed?

And that feeling of familiarity. That’s a non sequitur, right? We see it in “alien” encounters, ufo encounters,  and deep hallucinogenic journeys. And in those journeys the beings on the other side are often said to be pressed for time, like they know they don’t have long to show you what they want to show you. It begs the questions, If I am not the consequential me, but the unconscious tide rolling beneath the surface is, could that be the person they’re familiar with? Are they buddy-buddy with the unconscious person in these meat pajamas?

Or is it even more bizarre than that? If other dimensions exist undetected but inferred by our quantum theories, then is it possible an altogether foreign aspect of us resides in them just like the aspects we know exist here in length, breadth, height, and time?

Conventional scientific wisdom has it that there are likely 1o dimensions, right? So where’s the rest of me? What’s he doing? Do I have a tail? I mean really, what does it mean to have 6 other dimensions to us beyond our senses? We don’t even know if we can know.

But what if there were beings who were conscious of all dimensions, or at least some of what we would consider “theirs” and “ours”? Would they know aspects 6-10 of Jeremy? Would Jeremy’s unconscious know itself as fully conscious in any of those 6 other dimensions of his being? Is he apologizing to these friends of his, going, “I know, I know, I know! I keep trying to wake him up, too! I tell him how screwed up he is in dreams and force him to make the same mistakes over and over so he learns, but he just doesn’t get it.”

Are aliens and my unconscious right now conference calling with DMT tykes? Is that what’s happening here? Or is it all just as simple as being here requires breaking the laws of physics and in that moment, communication is likewise broken?

It would be nice if one of those were true, because I can think of a third option and it isn’t pretty. What if this little box of dimensions we live in is structure, what’s on the other side is unstructured, and that’s why anti-structure so often pierces the veil? What if that communication isn’t broken, it’s simply how larger reality really is?

Perhaps we’re floating in a rational, solid reality within an irrational, fluid dream. Imagine you’re at a tea party with your friends. It’s nice. There’s tea. And friends. And a table. And chairs. And music. And if you could just shine a light on those other 6 dimensions, you’d see sitting next to you there’s also a mad hatter, a dormouse, and a talking rabbit whose watch doesn’t tell time.

If you can imagine that, you’re safe. If you can’t, please try not to get divorced or move anytime soon. Don’t know what I’m talking about?

Oh… you’ll see what I mean.


5 thoughts on “High Strangeness, Physics, And The Communication Gap

  1. All interesting questions, for sure.

    I don’t think of the things experiencers see, though, as objects and beings that “are breaking the laws of physics.” My sense of it is more that these objects and beings are simply expressing the fundamental nature of the universe in ways that more completely describe reality than our own theories (“laws” of physics) do. Would it surprise anyone interested in such matters if physicists one day announce that the old “laws of physics” must be considered outdated, because they have found evidence (or a cooler mathematical model) of a reality that no one had dreamed of before?

    And, yes, your friends in another dimension are likely going to have to reveal the hard truth to you: you _do_ have a tail.

    • I agree. I think the “laws” describe our own current limitations, not some immutable facts of the universe. The uni- in universe isn’t even an immutable fact. By most theoretical models it’s already outdated.

  2. Fine. I’ll ask. Why can’t I get divorced or move anytime soon? Aside from not being married and being homeless. This is either: a) another attempt to see if anyone’s reading to the end, b) a reference to something (Urgency) I should probably understand, c) another dubious martial law threat, or d) a plug for Lewis Carroll.

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