Ufology’s Dirtiest Secret

Ufology. The study of unknown flying objects and surrounding phenomena.

Ufology. We demand the truth from our government/military/corporate complex.

Ufology. If you don’t think there are aliens flying through our airspace then you’re asleep.

Ufology. We will drag science into this kicking and screaming if we have to.

Ufology. We are dedicated to this cause because we know this is real and the most important discovery in mankind’s history.

Ufology. If you study this stuff, you are one of the elite. Welcome out of the matrix.

Ufology. Those are all the talking points we believed in decades ago. Now it’s just a business and a way to forge a social life.

Wait, what?

Yep, that’s the big secret behind Area 51, the face on Mars, The X-Files, and Giorgio Tsoukalos’s hair. That’s the reason that, with so little opposition, the Disclosure Movement has been able to pioneer new ways of promoting charlatans year after year as they inch closer and closer to… not disclosure. That’s the reason Kim Carlsberg can claim she’s the grandmother of a cosmic Brady Bunch. That’s the reason David Jacobs is invited to speak at conferences when perhaps we would all be best served if he spoke in front of a jury.

And that’s the reason crap like this proliferates:

That’s Michael Salla speaking. His wife and he used to charge rather large sums of money to bring unsuspecting New Age tourists out to where dolphins tend to sleep and play in Kona, Hawaii, telling them that they were psychically calling them in. Turns out they were calling them in the same way fellow disclosure advocate Steven Greer calls in UFOs with flashlights and laser pointers. Sometimes these UFOs would shape shift into airplanes and helicopters when light was applied to their mighty morphing hulls. I think he should sue for gimmick infringement.  In any event, Ted Roe called out  the Family Salla on their Aquaman-like powers and now they’ve been shamed. Humiliated. Disgraced. And asked to appear on Coast as an authority on this NASA footage, apparently. (Or at least he has. I don’t know what his wife’s been up to lately.)

What does this guy have to do to get kicked out of the club, promote a photo of just some dude as an alien giant?

Lead Me To Your Taker.

Some aliens have big eyes. Others, big car keys.

Nope. That didn’t work either. Salla stays. But Salla’s no expert. He’s not a video analyst. So you might be inclined to ask NASA what that footage shows.




Salla’s no expert. He’s not a video analyst. So you might be inclined to ask a UFO photo/video analyst what he thinks this represents. Back in the day–way back–way, way back–you might have gotten an honest answer. But nowadays what you usually get is someone who knows full well what he’s looking at but will treat it as a mystery so that he can make the rounds of media appearances as he diligently analyses the footage. By the end of it he’s likely to admit it’s just a part of the space station; or, stepping outside this specific example, a photoshopped element, a bird, a star, a stop light, whatever. He’ll admit that only after he’s exhausted his means of speaking about it as a mysterious object that requires further scrutiny. And the irony is, when he does out what he already knows, that will further cement him as a credible analyst.

The above was told to me by Jeff Ritzmann, who is a respected analyst in ufology (and, yes, one of the good ones.) It shocked and, I imagine, depressed him when he saw this in action. And now it will shock and depress you, too, when you see it in action. Please, do look for it.

Salla’s problem is that he only gets the first part right: he brings nonsense to the table for dissection. But he never follows up with an, “Oops. No. Upon further analysis, it turns out that really is just a normal guy standing in front of a baby tree.” Or, “I called NASA. Turns out that’s actually part of the space station and I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about. My bad.” If he did that then there would be no need to start off his lectures as he does with audience breathing exercises. We’d already be hypnotized to his bullshit because we’d think he’s credible.

But we can’t blame guys like Salla, not fully. They’re just making a living doing what they know. Nothing. And we can’t blame media outlets like Coast To Coast because they’ve got a show to fill daily. They’re an entertainment outlet that sometimes gets it right but more often than not gets it wrong. Again, what choice do they have when they have to fill time every single day?

No, the real culprits behind the poor state of ufology are you and me. The audience. We simply don’t demand better. Oh, okay, and Jacobs, too. And the analysts who you may not have known were biting their tongues until the media die down until I just pointed it out here, or you heard Jeff speak about it. Fine–okay–it doesn’t help that Coast pretends to be more than entertainment to lure you in. And yeah–maybe when the mainstream media covers bunk like the citizen’s hearing on disclosure it’s easy to overlook the fact that it’s contrived nonsense.

But… but…. Crap, I just realized something. Ufology’s dirtiest secret of all… is everything.

The only place these phenomena have ever hidden is in plain sight. We leech onto answers that we know are incorrect by the way they make us (or our institutions, which are also us) neurotic, dysfunctional messes. Lies do that to people. The healthy response is to see it and move away from it, not embrace it.

Until we do that, we are the coverup.


14 thoughts on “Ufology’s Dirtiest Secret

  1. Still… [g].
    The ETH Revisited
    (Phylogeny Follows Ontogeny)
    by Alfred Lehmberg

    The wholly extraterrestrial and so alien “other” (ET) is regarded early for the 21st Century in a manner to facilitate the allowance of one to keep a certain distance from even the concept of same, even as one is compelled by history or circumstance to make the admission that “such” is “so.” There is a plethora of explanatory alternatives to ET providing for that “distance,” one can readily see.
    Behold the Extra-dimensional Hypothesis (Occupied adjacent dimensions). Consider the Extra-chronological Hypothesis (Time Travel). Review the Intra-terrestrial Hypothesis (Hollow Earth). Regard the Crypto-terrestrial Hypothesis (Of the Earth though perceived with difficulty). There is even an Entheogenic Hypothesis (The “Alien” tuned in to receptive consciousness made receptive by psychedelic substances). There are more. All move goal posts further and further away from the existential. ET becomes a shadow—a mere suggestion of itself and plausibly deniable for the aforementioned shadowiness. Remember, reader, that Humanity is no shadow and is entirely existential.
    Stanton Friedman alludes to these alternative hypotheses as the “ABA” conjectures. “Anything But Aliens.” The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH) remains; however, so far up our nose we do indeed feel alien boot heels scuffing our collective chin!
    How does that happen? How can such certitude be justified? Well, as a result of being able to use the unquestioned reality—the unquestioned existentiality—of ourselves as proof of that contention! Here’s how that might work.
    Yes. The ETH is correct. This is true whether or not any of the more unlikely hypotheses exist. They can exist, nevertheless, the ETH is the more correct conjecture. One can arrive at this conclusion handily, themselves, if one remembers the old saw regarding unending time, abundant monkeys, and plentiful typewriters. Shakespeare does indeed get tapped out—eventually—even if not in the best spelling, eh?
    See, anything that can, remotely, happen, happens, given time. When it does that, when something makes that “occurrence,” into our corporeal existentiality, Alfred North Whitehead allowed as how it would seem to exceed some kind of “expression formality” or “event threshold.” A subsequent occurrence, then, seems almostencouraged… almost like a proof of concept was all that was necessary for a reproduction…eh? Then? Then it happens, again.
    Consider, for example: fact, the nascent universe foments bigger suns than Sol to form. Fact, Fusion dictates that iron is the last element able to be made in that process. Fact, fusion just doesn’t have the juice to go any further. From where, then, must come the remaining elements?
    Observe: in a universe almost fresh from its big bang, and in the bowels of the monstrous stars aforementioned, paired silicon atoms try and try again to combine into iron. Eventually, with so many silicon atoms trying… and, with so much time available? Heat? Pressure? Energy? An iron atom (*ping*) occurs… is fused from the two silicon atoms.
    The occurrence of that iron atom doesn’t happen just once, mind. Formality achieved? It’s recurrence traces an asymptotic and accelerating curve of manufacture so fast that the newly created and quickly amassed iron, an element able to suck up huge amounts of excess heat, abruptly puts the star’s fire, instantly, out!

    …Huge masses of matter once suspended in the hellish conflagration now crash in a cosmic crush to a center mass! The resultant explosion, or super nova, has all the power to manufacture the elements passed IRON that fusion did not and then scatters them to the starry stellar reaches. Those additional elements are on the way to the self-aware intelligence we are speaking of, occurring in a manner analogous to the iron above. Nothing happens once. If it happened? It is happening! It’s happening now!
    A self-aware and consequence understanding intelligence “happened,” in this universe… it was ourselves. …And not just once, I remind a patient reader, but many, many times, right here on this planet. Many different species of bipedal tool using hominid had religion and considered an afterlife. Don’t kid yourself that yourspecies was the miracle, eh?
    …And not just hominids. Cetacean expressions in whales and dolphins… Then through Avian expressions in parrots and crows, even to mollusca: squid and octopus… vast expressions of self-aware intelligence right on this planet! Intelligence abounds right here! The suggestion that it has occurred elsewhere is emboldened!
    Truly, when a cornucopia of thousands of galaxies of unknown stars can be masked with a grain of sand held at arm’s length at any point in the sky one would care to hold it… …what does that say regarding the time and opportunity for adjacent self-aware intelligences, beyond ourselves, to have sprung into existence everywhere else?
    See, we know they’re “there” precisely because we’re “here.” This is without regard to foolish and pretty cowardly notions that it doesn’t matter, anyway, allowing they can’t get here because we can’t get there… eh?
    No, a wide smear of craft, competence and capability in that expressed universal self-awareness dictates that they can get here… and remembering 7 categories of evidence pertaining to just that? Have! You didn’t think we’d be anywhere near the top in a list these occurrences, did you? Don’t. I offer you’re better served sans any hubris at all.
    …Very politically incorrect. Then, Science and Philosophy often are.
    It’s a rabbit hole… sure. But then everything is, eh? We don’t even understand ourselves, it is clear. Still… if we see a rabbit we can look around and expect to find another kind of rabbit… bird …even a person if you consider something like Australopithecus’ nascent person… I would go on to logically presume another self-aware intelligence capable of abstract thought somewhere else in a vast, vast universe. Seems abundantly reasonable to me…
    Consequently, I find I have to wonder at the reluctance of most people to even consider the potentiality, or sneer at same. Perhaps it’s like the difference between UAP (Unexplained aerial Phenomena) and UFO. The former iswholly unexplained, a nebulous phenomena, and does not even have to BE there, eh? Folks can keep it at a distance…
    The latter, on the other hand, is identified as “there” at the start and presumes an association with intelligence—”them”… The “other.”
    …Just recently, reader, a heretofore unfound tribe of forest people, AND UNBELIEVABLY, too, were discovered deep in the uncharted tracts of the Amazon Rain Forest… and this in the 21st Century? Making no judgment on the quality of either I point out that to them… We’re the other!
    Now, if that can happen right here on this planet… well… [*].

    • I’ve always thought that life must be simultaneously occurring in other parts of the universe, the Drake Equasion and all, but I still I have a hard time understanding why such kooks seem to have been granted ‘mouthpiece’ status in ufology, Greer sounds great for about 5 minutes, but then he shows his inner lunatic…calling in the mothership excursions with a laser pointer for $1000 a head?!? Some of the absolute crap that the ‘mouthpiece’ players in ufology comes up with is astounding, the only thing more astounding is that people will lap it up like Pablom. That David Jacobs hasn’t been summarily tossed out of academia…let alone ufology…for his hypnosis practices, is frankly a crime…no, literally a crime. In my mind, nuts and bolts ufology is as valid a hypothesis as any of them, but until Vanderbilt University has alien tissue samples that all third year med students can view in a microbiology lab, aliens are but a theory to you and me. All this said, I think we need to be cautious about throwing the baby out with the bath water, no matter how much people like Greer and Jacobs poop in that water. Ad homenim is still a falacy…even a con man CAN utter the truth once in a while, if only by accident.

  2. Oh God, the picture of that alien always makes laugh. I wonder who it is?

    Alfred, I thought your essay was really interesting. I am sure we cannot be the only intelligent life in the universe. What happened on Earth is probably normal, so maybe it happens all over the universe.

  3. That’s exactly my point, eh? If (A=B then B=A). If (Ontogeny recapitulates Phylogeny) then (Phylogeny recapitulates Ontogeny). We _are_, so the other _is_? I suspect it may be so. I’ve been trying to get in touch with Tyler Kokjohn (lost his addy) to get him to have a look at this. Maybe the Vaeni could give him a heads up? [g].

  4. I agree, Emma and Alfred, there are solid reasons to be convinced intelligent entities have emerged somewhere in our galaxy/Universe. In addition, science has consistently undermined strictly Earth-centric views, suggesting that declaring our planet a quirky cosmic fluke is a risky proposition. Right here before us is direct evidence that sentience has emerged several times in the course of organic evolution.

    What if the ETH? I recommend not conflating an existence theorem with a visitation hypothesis. True enough, the scientific evidence is consistent with the idea intelligent aliens could be visiting us in nuts and bolt craft. However, such consistency alone cannot be taken as direct evidence the ETH is correct nor does it necessarily imply one hypothesis is a better explanation for UFO phenomena than others. Reading too much into a consistency tenet poses a real danger of entry into an inescapable spiral of circular logic.

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