Some People

Some people talk over you.

Some people finish your sentences. 

Some people go on and on and never ask you about yourself.

Some people go on and on and ask you about yourself only to cut you off because they have to go.

Some people talk about themselves and then when it’s your turn to talk, they mmm-hmmm you while they check their texts or e-mails. 

Some people are so wrapped up with themselves that they talk about what is wrong with their life and when they’re finished, they psychoanalyze you, projecting onto you those unhealthy qualities they just discovered in themselves. 

Some people listen but seem distracted and later you’ll hear your ideas coming out of their mouths as if they were their own.

What all of these people have in common is that they love a good listener. We always want what we aren’t, right?

But when it comes to listening, we’ll also settle for a canyon or a nice bouncy wall.





One thought on “Some People

  1. It’s true Jer. and can be very frustrating. You, by the way, are a very good listener. I think people are or are not good listeners because listening is a learned skill.
    You interview people which has no doubt developed your listening powers. I was an investigator for a lot of years which sharpened my own listening skills (although I know they have dulled as time has gone by and I am no longer an investigator.) People clinically trained are good listeners too – which is why some of us are willing to pay some of them – just to be heard non-judgementally. Everyone needs a good listener – if we are lucky we have a friend who qualifies. Clearly your friends have one.

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