Controlling Reality? Doubtful. What About Influencing It?

JacintowithHHI was going to write this really well-thought-out post about the focus of intent on a grand scale, but then realized I simply don’t care to hear myself talk for as long as that would take and can make this point succinctly. What point? Good point. The point is this:

Something about the power of intention works. Not as strongly as proponents of The Secret like to pretend, but sometimes it works. Whether it works at all probably depends on the context. Like, if you’re trying to will world peace into existence without lifting a finger, you’re not liable to get the result you’re looking for. This is because you have billions of people willing consciously and unconsciously against that.

But could it work on such a grand scale? Perhaps–if we factor in a bit of George Hansen’s Trickster Theory. George points out that paranormal/spiritual activity is more likely to occur in times of anti-structure, which means in times that drastically break up one’s normal routine. Moving, divorce, death in the family, puberty, and getting fired are all examples.

I add to that the probability that this doesn’t hold for peoples who don’t have the strict blinders that the Western mind implements. Indigenous people accept the things that Westerners call “paranormal” as normal factors of existence. We block ’em out, but the blocking out is a false construct and you are reminded of that when you move to a new house and start seeing UFOs, dead people, or outlandish creatures.

If all of that is correct, and that’s no small if, then might the Western mind need something on the order of a giant disaster to act as the anti-structural moment in the culture/collective wherein individuals willing world peace might find a stronger influence?

We already know that broken, destitute nations are ripe for change. Sometimes that means Buddhism; sometimes that means Naziism.  Depends on the charismatic person doing the talking and getting the funding. Might that openness to radical change also take place on this deeper level?

There’s one way to find out: test it. The next time some end-of-everything circumstance rears its head anywhere in the world, focus your intent there. Will into existence, if you can, whatever those people need to live wholly and in balance. See if a revolution or metamorphosis occurs there. If it works, great! We can keep doing this until ruined humans have come to balance the world over. If it doesn’t work then you know we cannot, on a large scale, influence reality through building up good will in our hearts and letting it go like a fireball unleashed. Either way it’s a win and you can appease your Western mind by saying you’ve done science.

For those who remember the failure that was Harmonic Convergence, I say that the reason it failed was because it became a structure. I say that knowing full well I’m probably wrong, but there’s the little piece that thinks this is correct. Synchronizing a mass meditation or mass prayer is creating the structure that gets in the way of the very thing you’re trying to accomplish. Reorganization is not born of organization, it is born of chaos.

Or not.

Let us discover.


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