Airline Industry Threatening To Kill Us

“This is your pilot speaking. Nothing too serious, but–anyone got a monkey wrench I could borrow?”

How many planes have to malfunction before American Airlines, United, and US Airways get off their penny-pinched asses and BUY NEW PLANES?! Will it really take another crash?

100% of the people I talk to who have flown in the last 2 years have experienced mechanical failure in one form or another on these airlines–as have I. I don’t know exactly how many people that is, but I live in Hawaii where flying is pretty friggen important. Let’s be conservative and say it’s 10 people. We’re talking 10 out of 10 flyers were grounded (or not!) due to mechanical failure. 10 out of 10! You don’t get 10 out of 10 dentists agreeing that Trident doesn’t suck the enamel off your teeth–10 out of 10?! Really? This is acceptable?

When did it become okay to play Russian roulette with customers? I’m sorry, it’s not Russian roulette because that involves one bullet. 10 out of 10!

Can we have a discussion about this please? Will you tweet this little rant, dear reader, so that others who have a chuckle of relief as they relate their near-disaster story of flight and fright and think it’s a one-off event realize, no… no… this is an everyday occurrence. And it’s one that will sooner than later produce a huge tragedy–and by that I mean mass murder–after which the airline industry PR machine will roll out and pretend that this is a sobering moment for the industry where the CEOs are reflecting and asking, “Where did we go wrong?”

And then the government will threaten to intervene to impose new regulations but the airline lobbyists will block them because we don’t need bigger government and the airlines can regulate themselves and blah-blah-blah–you know the routine: pretend they didn’t see it coming; pretend to have an emotion for the dead; pretend they’re solving the problem; change the dialogue to a political one and win.

And then wait for the next mass murder. Pray it comes later than sooner so that we will have forgotten all of this. Meanwhile, there’s a very simple solution they could use right this second: stop fixing clunkers and BUY NEW PLANES! If the reason they aren’t doing that has to do with stock holders and bottom lines and imaginary financial projections then maybe it’s time to rethink how the economy works–because what we’re saying here is that our lives are not worth the price of a plane. And planes are… mmmm… pretty much what the plane industry is about.

Make sense of that rabbit hole, Alice.

Leave your comments. Repost this. Shout it. Tout it. Steal it. Let’s have a conversation about this. Anyone out there have a safe flight in the past 2 years?


One thought on “Airline Industry Threatening To Kill Us

  1. Agreed. What airline companies are doing is simply cutting corners and worrying about money when they should require the aircraft manufacturers to make newer, safer planes.

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