Can ‘Aliens’ Not Be Scary-Looking?

Communion HeadA few days ago I posted the youtube video below on creepiness at the Paratopia facebook page. It’s asking why we find anything that doesn’t have to do with fear/survival instinct creepy. And basically what the host (himself a creepy guy) comes to is that we fear the unknown and something a little off becomes that for us. Creepiness ensues.

Now consider the ” gray alien” visage. It’s not quite human, not quite bug; not quite fetal, not quite adult. Nondescript features except for the eyes. Experiencers tend to fear it and nonexperiencers tend to find it creepy. I’ve always wondered, if it is an artificial facade used to engage us, why make it fearful or creepy? And the answer may be that ANYTHING they do will at least be creepy and this is the least creepy thing they could come up with.

Humans that aren’t quite human sound scarier than grays when I think about it. A mist or fog sounds toxic. A liquid would freak us out. Anything else will be a monster or a ghost. So maybe the gray is as close to not scaring us as they can get!

And if you think about the Travis Walton case, what’s more frightening: the gray beings or the Barbie Doll humanoids  smiling at him in complete silence?









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