Is An Urgency. Prediction Coming True In A Way I Hadn’t Intended?

A Sciencey Book For The Rest of Us.

I started reading the paperback of Brian Greene’s The Hidden Reality some time ago. Then I put it down, moved to a new home, and forgot about it. Well, it’s time to get cracking on this thing so here I am all the way  up to page 38! Yeah!

But it’s page 37 that sparked a question I’m just going to throw out there to cause mass panic in readers of Urgency. where none belongs. Here he describes black holes:

Particles carry energy, so more particles means more energy. If a region of space contains too much energy, it will collapse under its own weight and form a black hole.

Now let’s take a look at pages 134-135 of Urgency. Here the author boldly and bravely and amazingly and humbly states all of this:

The next big discovery in physics will be that particles don’t just respond to thought they are created by it. If the physicist digs deeply enough she will eventually be shoveling dirt created by her own thought. She may see that dirt responds to her expectations and deduce that this deeper layer is the same as the previous. Therefore, her final answer is that thought influences reality.

Regrettably, she is mistaken.

She’s not taking into account that she passed the ground of all matter and is now sculpting out of her own subjective layer of clay. That which she is projecting appears to respond only to her—but she is the projector so what she’s projecting is her.

There are two layers to what we’re describing. Layer one is thought influencing particles. Layer two acts like layer one so it’s harder to detect but it is distinct. Layer two is particles created by the act of observing nothingness. Nothingness is impossible to observe; therefore, the very trying creates more particles. This is dangerous knowledge if it’s possible to influence matter in a way that subverts the laws of physics. And it is….

Then he left that And it is…. cliffhanger in his blog post as a cheap ploy to coax you into buying the book. But more importantly, what if he’s–what if I’m–right? What if I’m right but there’s a more immediate danger to that knowledge than influencing matter to subvert “laws” of physics?

Number 5 is alive!

Meet the Large Hadron Collider. Hey, remember when people were worried that it might accidentally create a tiny black hole that would swallow Earth? It hasn’t. Yet. That we know of. (Ghost world, much?) But what if yet is more than a punchline? What if the slamming together of particles isn’t the catalyst, but looking deeper and deeper into the fabric of reality is?

Slamming them together is already creating a new type of matter; is it possible that, in addition to this, we are creating new forms of  energy to look at simply by looking, because you can’t see nothing? And if so, will we create a space on earth so dense with energy that it collapses?

Black hole, anyone?

Hadron isn’t the first of its kind, it’s just the biggest. And it won’t be the last. Our ability to look deeper and deeper is as infinite as our ability to invent new objects that can penetrate deeper and deeper. What I’m proposing is that reality itself will always imagine a response right back at us because there is no choice. We have to see something. And eventually physicists will catch on that reality is creating a response. Then they’ll further realize, no… it’s mirroring a necessary expectation. We are creating the response–creating new forms of energy to see. (Not to be confused with “we create our own reality” New Age dogma that will surely hold this up as proof of that, while the believers carry on living a whole range of successes and failures that do not deviate from the norm in people who believe differently.) This would be a turning point not just for physics but for humanity.

Ah, but for humanity we could get there. We won’t if we collapse the space around us first, obviously. Seems like the odds should be against that, but if one factors in how we’ve got environmental destruction down to a science… let’s not go to Vegas with those odds is all I’m saying.

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One thought on “Is An Urgency. Prediction Coming True In A Way I Hadn’t Intended?

  1. So basically, reality is incapable of returning a null exception error? There is a limit to what we can physically observe, and beyond that point everything is theoretical based on ‘what surrounds it’ and ‘secondary effect’ type observations. There is also a theoretical smallest possible unit of measurement, which I think is called planck length, derived from ‘universal constants’ like gravity, speed of light and some quantum constant of proportionality between the whole wave/particle duality. The idea is that nothing is beyond that point. That there cannot be anything else to see that’s smaller or more fundamental. So how does that idea/meme fit in here?

    Also, I agree that much of human endeavor into the fundamentals of reality is an exercise in shoveling our own shit until nothing else is visible to our perspective. Basically building a nice and neat nest feathered and padded with models that have worked for us, among other things. But seeing a few things on a micro scale doesn’t equal modeling a macro reality. That’s so far beyond us it’s as unfathomable as the size of the universe or actually grasping the reality of seven billion other humans. And by macro, I mean something as simple as how molecules are moving and reacting in real time in a glass of water that is just sitting on a table, ‘undisturbed’. Everything is done by snapshots and taking averages (along with throwing out outlier data, of course).

    The growing mass and gravitational force of everything science has done to get to this point definitely has a life of its own now. Does that mean it will collapse on itself? Probably not. I tend to think that if it does actually collapse, it will be pushed from the outside, rather than the way you are suggesting. Probably in the form of something being ‘discovered’ that just ruins the whole thing like a house of cards. Without that push, paradigms don’t change. Individuals here and there may realize something just isn’t right, but paradigms don’t change or collapse on themselves without being shoved.

    Also, I find the whole analogy of us collapsing the space around us funny, as it reminds me of something I read from a ‘Contactee’ a long time ago. It fits his explanation as to how new universes were formed. They were formed by a large enough culture just collapsing in on itself in just this way. Cutting themselves off from the big picture and basically just falling off the branch like a ripe fruit, never to be seen or heard from again. Of course, to him this was a doomsday prophecy, along with all the ‘the earth is quarantined’ crap from back in the day.

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