Disclosure Crickets

No Ones Watching

Perhaps no one should.

You may be wondering why it’s so quiet around here lately. Well, I was going to write this long diatribe about the shame of the Disclosure Movement misrepresenting the mystery  attached to ufology and how if mainstream reporters are going to cover this they should at least know who the fraudulent players are before they quote them as if they represent the rest of us. But then I got lazy and figured I’d do a youtube video instead. Then I got lazier and soon enough too much time had passed to where I realized, Oh, that’s right: nobody cares.

Heard anything about disclosure lately? No, right? Because the mainstream doesn’t really care. Only when it’s a slow news cycle. Thank the gods, too, because I’d hate to see buffoons like Bassett, Greer, Cortile, Lamb, and on and on being taken seriously long enough to solidify the popular image that ufology is for loons and snakes.

Well, it is, granted. But the rest of the world doesn’t need to know that. Ufology is ufology’s dirty little secret and it’s best to keep it that way until we grow up.

Not incidentally, I’m also selfishly glad that the drop in media attention means I can carry on drifting in the waters of the Pacific and not feel the need to sit here for longer than it takes to write 5 paragraphs. Mmm… make that 4. Lazy–we discussed this.


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