Inception Dialogues: The Best Interview I’ve Ever Given

I haven’t heard it back but it sure felt like the best. Great questions, great conversation. Great host. Check out Bernardo Kastrup’s website and start following his show. I think he’s got a good thing going here.

(For an .m4a version, click HERE and “save link as.” Check out the Inception Dialogues website for iTunes feed and further info.)


Or, for those of you who want the bullet points, here is a ten minute “digest” version….



15 thoughts on “Inception Dialogues: The Best Interview I’ve Ever Given

  1. awesome. I’m currently trying to pull the audio version, so I can listen on the go. Don’t have time otherwise these days. If you want I’ll send you an mp3 copy if you don’t have one.

  2. Two very non-self absorbed persons so very unfilled with themselves valiantly trying to parse a reality they know must change with every offered context of that reality… from una-bomber to Olson twin, sinner to saint, and Brainiac to short-busser. Ideas have value if they transfer, still, and you transfer. To paraphrase something Terence McKenna still says periodically somewhere on the planet every day, you discuss truth as you observe it in a manner to be understood so it is believed. You clarify the unutterable even if it remains unspeakable, eh? Thanks for that.

    • Thanks, Alfred. I’m glad it was clear enough. It’s hard not to go off on tangents and get lost in words when you’re self-editing along the way to make sure the correwct words come out in the first place. I’m used to speaking Language Version A and this requires Language Version B.

  3. Awesome and moving interview, thanks for making it available!

    One thought that occurred to me during this interview: Many people have asked a similar question that was asked during the course of the interview, which goes something like, “If there is ultimately nothing to do, then why write a book or even get out of bed in the morning?”

    I think this way of thinking reflects a disconnection from our own essential and fundamental drive as human beings.

    IMO our fundamental drive is to express ourselves. And when a person is disconnected from expressing himself authentically, then that person is more easily motivated by the system of reward and punishment. The system that holds society together.

    For a person strongly motivated by the system of reward and punishment, the idea that there is nothing to do is very frightening because it demolishes that system.

    But the happy ending is that when fear of punishment and expectation of reward are removed, all that remains is to express one’s own reality/truth in whatever means gives one the greatest satisfaction. There is no plan or goal, no game to win or lose, the act is its own reward.

    I get the impression from your writing/talking that this is exactly what you’re doing.

    Anyway, thanks for your contribution to the internets.

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