Stephen Bassett Responds To My Call To End His Phony Citizen’s Hearings

Stephen Bassett

Stephen Bassett craning his neck in search of new trust fund prey.

Last night I sent Stephen Bassett, the director–and probably only active member–of the Paradigm Research Group the following email linking to my call to not go through with the farcical “Citizen Hearing on Disclosure”:

America does not need your dog and pony show right now, Steve.

Please consider calling off the “Citizen Hearing.”


His response was short and to the point, only three letters long: GFY.

For those unacquainted, that stands for “Go Fuck Yourself.”

And there you have it, folks. Stephen Bassett truly is a hero for the people. Stay classy, Steve.


8 thoughts on “Stephen Bassett Responds To My Call To End His Phony Citizen’s Hearings

  1. Jeremy, if I were in Stephen Bassett’s shoes, I would not have been pleased to have received your e-mail. It probably would have induced me to hyperventilate as well as say (scream) some derogatory suggestions for you out loud.

    Maybe it is in your mail already, but after I regained composure, I would have gone to your blog and posted a comment. “Thank you, Jeremy, for your interest. The Citizen’s Hearings will provide a unique perspective on a long-negelected phenomenon. Bringing together the world’s foremost experts will provide the ideal forum to expose …” and so on. You know, a brief rationale outlining the value of the program. Not for you, Jer, but right past you, aiming directly at your followers with my positive message.

    That was the theory, but I now stand corrected. What you received is sad and telling. You exposed some unpleasant features of not only the Citizen’s Hearings, but the UFO lecture ‘circuit’ as well. A big part of the reason the sincere and capable investigators can get little traction in the mainstream will be front and center featured on the main stage. My message to the UFO luminaries is to complain all you want about conspiracies, but until you deal with fundamental problem of self-sabotage, it’s just more of the same, very stale, hot air. Look how far that has taken us.

    To Mr. Bassett – message received and I know exactly what I am going to do. Or, more to the point in this case, not do.

  2. “Stephen Basset craning neck in search of new trust fund prey.” LOL!!!

    Dr. Kokjohn: “Maybe it is in your mail already, but after I regained composure…” LOL!!!!

    After I saw their post on their website representing Rachel Maddow’s five minute segment on this “hearing” from April 12th as positive press, wherein she COMPLETELY makes fun of their “fake hearing”, I needed no other proof of the extent of how delusional these people are. There would be no ability to reason or have a rational exchange with them. (Sorry you had to experience that, Jeremy.) They see and hear what they want to see and hear. NOTHING can change their minds. In fact, things that would directly contradict them, they twist into confirmation. It’s like The Secret on steroids: If they keep saying it and believing it, it will become real. In fact, I can TOTALLY see where they think if they create a tipping point in mass belief and mass psychic energy that they could really create what they believe. Meanwhile, it is all for their self benefit and has nothing to do with anything else, really.

    Finally, I see on their schedule – besides all the testimony, the only scheduled “lecture” is Greer and his BIG “Sirius” premiere!! (**EXCITING!!!**) You know they are all just GIDDY over that! So, OF COURSE they cannot delay this LONG AWAITED premiere – when they need to get more $$ for the sequel. They may even announce that this is a trilogy at this “hearing”… Then, it will ALL be worth it…

    • Yeah, I didn’t see Bassett telling Rachel Maddow GTY. But then, it’s a safe bet that this entire charade is a PR campaign not only for Greer’s flick but the forthcoming doc on “disclosure” starring Bassett himself. Who funded this spectacle?

      • “Who funded this spectacle?” Now, THAT is a question that might be worth knowing the answer to.

        I think Bassett is too scared of Rachel Maddow – with her nightly national TV show and all. He was almost pandering to her on the website, I thought, and trying to spin the segment so that anyone who could possibly be influenced by his words might see it the way he was trying to represent it. This guy is a professional distractor. (“Don’t look there. Nothing to see. Look here instead.”)

  3. Sad but true, dialogue is useless… I hate to say it but it seems that with guys like this you have to play the “stupid or liar” game to figure out their real motivations. Logic says this is another ridiculous sham in order to sell books and conference tickets.. but if that were the case you’d expect him to be less defensive and take the approach Dr. Kokjohn suggested.

    With a “GFY” response though, it seems that as least part of him thinks he is doing something meaningful and Jeremy is just another naysayer who doesn’t deserve his time. Which leads to the other conclusion, because if he or anyone attending believes that this stage show will result in anyone taking them seriously and lead to some form of disclosure (which will either be immediately discounted or, if not, leave them out of any sort of income) they are, well.. just stupid.

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