Hi-Def Dreaming

Exif_JPEG_422Quick post because I’ve been away with a bad back. Last week, I had a dream. Just a normal dream until I “woke up” into it and it became lucid. When that happened, everything became “more real than real,” as Ritzmann would say. Colors became brighter; objects better-defined. Waking up into the dream was like putting on 3-D glasses.

The downside was, as with all my lucid dreams, once the dream characters found out I was awake they became evil. I woke up as if to avoid an oncoming nightmare.

Anyone ever had that happen? You wake up into the dream and the scenery stays the same but becomes infinitely more vivid?


2 thoughts on “Hi-Def Dreaming

  1. Yes. Who was it that said in dream experiences are as real as waking ones, so how can we know any experience isn’t a dream? This must have been a French philosopher! Descartes?

    • Yes. Just before he performed vivisection on a live animal because its shrieks of agony were a mechanical process not at all indicating its aliveness. Isn’t it amazing that a society that had the checklist of troubles we associate with serial killers came up with any brilliant philosophies at all?

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