Final Insight of 2012 – For Repeat Experiencers Who ‘Don’t Want This’

IOriginal Theme Glyph 2008 - Melissa Reedn Paranormal World the rules of normalcy are often backwards or missing. This is part of what differentiates a highly strange experience from the norm and makes us question our sanity and then reality itself. “Reality” here means Western logical reductionist reality where materialism and laws of physics are everything. “Unreality” might be a better word.

In any event, the title promises a final insight of the year for repeat offenders–I mean experiencers–of Paranormal World who claim they never asked for their trauma and here it is: the rules are often backwards and that includes what you think you want. Therefore, unlike sexual abuse, no means yes.

You say you didn’t ask for these abduction experiences; you claim not to want this. Linguistics dictate otherwise. Whether we welcome our experiences or not every single one of us has at some point tried to “prove” that they happen. Since there is no proof, really what that means is we’ve tried to convince others that they happen. And when we do that, we own the experiences.

These events that society deems delusional are real. And they happen to me. 

What constitutes the best proof across the board? Witnesses. Lean in. Here comes the insight….

When you say “I have witnesses” you mean you have witnesses to these events that revolve around you. You’re the center of them, the star of the show. If you say you never asked to be the star of the show, I challenge you to be completely honest here. If you are, this will be your breakthrough moment. What a way to welcome 2013!

You say, “So-and-so was with me when it happened.” Or if it was a UFO sighting over a populated area you talk about it as if the crowd of people were superfluous. That vision was for you. If not, you think it. You think that thing in the sky was there for you and you alone to see. The fact that a crowd saw it was confirmation for you. It’s as if by showing up over a populace, the beings are telling you you’re not crazy. Those other hundreds of people? Extras in your movie.


And if one of your witnesses starts noticing paranormal weirdness in their lives after having a blatant event with you, you take credit for that. You assume you were the starting point for their stuff, not merely the point at which they picked up on what was with them all the time. Or, you deny them. It’s not really happening to them, they’re imagining it and scaring themselves because they’ve been in your constellation. It’s you at the center of this, not them. Your first reaction to a friend confiding in you after a mutual encounter may be relief at the confirmation but if they carry on too long–if they go off-script into their own movie–your next reaction is jealous disbelief.


How close is that hitting? Just be honest with it. Whether you say you want this or not you jealously guard it. Perhaps this is why so many feel as if they made a prior agreement with this other intelligence to allow these “intrusions” even though they cannot put their finger on when that happened or what that means.

The agreement is within you. You’re keeping this from yourself because you want to be special even in your denial of wanting to be special. If we know nothing else about this seemingly other intelligence it’s that it connects with us on an unconscious level. The unconscious is layered. There’s the impersonal collective and there’s the personal individual. At least those two. It is there in the personal, smothered by verbal protests, that we give our consent.

Whether we “want this” or not.


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