2012: The Extinction of Prophesy

December 21, 2012 did have an extinction event: the extinction of prophesy. What happens when a species that sets up hope outside of itself recognizes hopelessness at the same time as its environment grows unstable and unsupportive? We discuss it because no one else is.


One thought on “2012: The Extinction of Prophesy

  1. The extinction of prophesy? I predict you are wrong.

    The impending destruction of our Mother Earth? I fear you may be right. What does someone living on an island make of a world with rising sea levels in which the subject of climate change was too taboo (kapu) to even be mentioned in the last Presidential election? What hope do we have when political parties are more concerned about the heft of millionaires’s bank accounts than making certain our food, environment and children are healthy? It does look bleak.

    But maybe looks are deceiving, because I also think I just heard something important. That something was you, Jeremy. Staying up late, asking questions and wondering why things are the way they are. More important, getting others to reflect on matters and start demanding meaningful answers. The ultimate peer review for our planet.

    Thanks and best wishes.

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