Wise-Up Men

Peter Kingsley, Jiddu Krishnamurti, and Ken Wilber makes three. Three men from three different backgrounds who have come to understand the universal. I’m drawing attention to these folks for those of us who know there are deeper conversations about spirituality to be had than in church or in a New Age book.

It’s been said that cream rises to the top, but in the world(s) of mysticism and paranormal, it’s shit that floats. So, if you’re looking for something deeper than what you’ve had shot at you through the guns of pop gurus, check these guys out. And compare what Wilber says here about earth not needing our saving with what Tiokasin Ghosthorse said on Paratopia about the arrogance of thinking we need to save Mother Earth. These are not popular ideas. Truth never is. What we warp it into is what becomes the popular idea because the alternative to that is being Truth.

To speak it is to kill it. To be it is to be fully alive. Highfalutin words… until they aren’t.


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