Krishnamurti on Kundalini & Illumination

This is the first time I’ve heard Krishnamurti speak about kundalini and the energy experiences (or perceptions) that people have, which they mistake for a path to “enlightenment.”

It’s short, it’s on the mark, and if you get this you get everything. It’s all in how you listen. Do you listen to answer or argue, which is the means by which we carry on unaffected, or do you actually listen to what’s being said?

None of this so-called spiritual stuff is difficult. What it is is antithetical. Antithetical to the creature your brain has conjured to face the world in fear and therefore denial of the unknowable. The unknowable is you when the brain creature dissolves. What does unknowable mean? That, too, is revealed here, but words are not the thing and so the revelation is useless except as a reminder of what’s amiss with our little species.

That reminder is all you’ve got until you learn how to listen.



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