What It’s Like To Be ‘Possessed’

I just stumbled into this Paratopia Vlog I made last year. Forgot all about it. It’s a lucid enough talk about one of the more outrageous events in my life, that of a brief possession.

Don’t believe in possession? Neither do I. But here it is. I think this is coherent enough to not let it die into the static of Youtube noise just yet.



2 thoughts on “What It’s Like To Be ‘Possessed’

  1. I am so trying to evolve more to where you are at but I heard you say “I feel like I made a prior agreement” which I have heard from other abductees. I kind of feel like since I am not an abductee I will never be able to reach what you have achieved in this video. Maybe this is all tied to the visitors and not so much becoming more spiritual on our own. What do you think?

    • It’s a good question and I’ve been stalling to answer because I thought I might do a short youtube vid for it or answer it on the next Paratopia. The short version is that it’s universal to humans and so for everybody. It’s what we are and actually can’t be forced by an outside agency. My feeling of having agreed to something was purely about that “possession.” Like I gave permission for it. In exchange for what, if anything, I don’t know. Even the feeling might be wrong. It’s certainly not fleshed out with a memory.

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