A Brief Post American Election Conspiracy Observation

Used to be that a conspiracy was about who did something and why. You absorb information, pick a perspective that makes most sense and there you have it. Or, if it’s murky, you say, “I don’t know which scenario is true, I just know the official story is nonsense.”

And that’s because we don’t trust governmental authorities to tell us the truth about sensitive things and that’s because we can’t. We’ve certainly learned that they cannot be trusted in some areas by the speeds at which they lie.

But now I find us at a new point, a low point, actually, where even we the non-trusting above-it-alls will speak out of both sides of our mouths as long as it’s not the official version of how politics work. It didn’t even dawn on me until election night that this was the case, but here it is:

The same person who says “Elections don’t matter because both candidates are puppets of the corporatocracy/illuminati/new world order/shadow government/shapeshifting reptilian overlords/insert bad guy here” is the same person who says, “Elections are rigged.”

Well, which is it?

Right? You know this person. Holds two diametrically opposed views at the same time (most likely by accident). There is a large faction of the population, right, left, and center that believes this. Millions of people believe this, it’s not just a few on the outskirts of society, blah-blah.

What this tells us is that the political power structure that lights this nation is so broken we would rather hold two opposing views at the same time–muddled though that is–than believe a word emanating from said power structure.

Why are we hanging onto this power structure? If lies on the one hand, nonsense in absence of knowledge on the other is what defines our nation–TIME TO GO. Yeah? But that’s scary because… Where to? I dunno but that’s no reason not to blaze the trailer and forge on. We can’t sit back scared and complacent can we?

It’s time to rethink the empire, folks. Or let it drift away. Still… in the meantime… I’ll take the shapeshifting reptilian walk-in Barack Obama over the psychopathic used car salesman Mitt Romney any day of the week. Alien health care vs. human plundering for oil and coal and nuclear and…. the beat goes on.


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