Another Day At The Store

Loud Friendly Acquaintance

(yells across store)

Hey, it’s Jeremy! You’re enlightened dude? I didn’t know you were enlightened!

(to friend)

Do you know Jeremy? He’s enlightened!

His Friend

You’re out of coffee.


Right. Sorry about that.

(gets new canteen of coffee; mumbles)

I’m not enlightened. Don’t listen to him.

His Friend

It’s good to be enlightened.


It’s weird to be enlightened. That’ll be $2.07.

Loud Friendly Acquaintance

Why didn’t you tell me you were enlightened, dude?


That’s right, I’m enlightened. I’ve come before you to be a cashier.




2 thoughts on “Another Day At The Store

  1. And so, like all great teachers, you leave the story for each to complete in their own way.

    I note the fact that people will give money to a cashier.

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