Oh, No: Not Another 9/11 Blog Post

On Facebook I keep seeing all of these photos of the towers burning with the slogan, “We must never forget!” And in the comments people inevitably agree that we must never forget. They do it with such heart and such conviction–such venom in some cases–yet all I can wonder is…. Forget what?

No one says what it is we have to perpetually remember. Is it the victims? Is it the crime? Which crime? Whose crime?

Forget what?

We live in perpetual spy cam lockdown. We’ve been reduced to bits and bytes of information that form patterns of chatter for policing agencies.

Forget what?

We’re still in Afghanistan for fuck sake.

No, no–we’ve already blocked the important stuff out so that we can carry on as a society, as an empire, and as cowards. It’s a done deal. We’ve forgotten on purpose. Even Oliver Stone won’t touch it. Michael Moore. Noam Chomsky. And they’re the radical muckrackers, right?

It’s easier to forget and then forget that you forgot so that years later, you’re stuck fist-pumping to empty slogans like, “We must never forget!”

That’s just what we do.

And if I am wrong.

If I am…

Then please, my fellow Americans, please….

Tell me which part is the important part we must keep alive in memory fresh?

The victims, the crimes, they’re all–what’s the word I’m looking for?–HUMAN.

So pick your favorite 9/11 conspiracy theory–guys with box cutters or Dick Cheney; old world order run by young tan men or new world order run by old white men–and remember that it’s all human. It’s all us. It’s all us victimizing us any way you remember it.

How can we forget?

It’s you and me.

Until it isn’t.



2 thoughts on “Oh, No: Not Another 9/11 Blog Post

    • Really? You posted this on two threads? Damn, our show must be good! Look, here’s the thing: I’m taping some interview stuff; Jeff is waiting to get clearance to talk about a case he’s been working on; Tiokasin has been traveling the country. Likely we’ll do an epilogue episode but we’re probably not going to do monthly after all. A show here and there and then something for Project Core when we’re done with the study. But I’m sorry to say bringing the band back for a steady program is no longer in the cards. We just don’t see a point. (Of course that can always change but neither of us is feeling it at the moment.)

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