I Am Also Blogging At Paratopia

Hey, Gang:

I’ve started blogging Paratopia-specific stuff at www.paratopia.org. I’m reproducing my first post here along with some follow-up insights I  wrote in the post’s thread on our forum: http://www.the-bunker.net/paratopia. You have to join to partake but man alive is it worth it.

We had the richest forum on the planet until the big move. That’s when a bunch of folks migrated to the Paratopia Facebook page until we constructed a new forum. Now it’s all crickets because people have found a happy home on Facebook. As nice as the Facebook group is for some things, you can’t have as deep a back-and-forth as you can a message board. Plus, posts just keep scrolling down into an abyss, never to be read again.

This, then, is my bid to get you back to the message board. If it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. But it would be nice not to have one series of conversations in a vacuum while the more popular venue ultimately is a vacuum by design.

Dream Within Dream about Worlds Within Worlds

Aloha, Paratopia. How apropos that my first blog post since the island blew up is a dream involving Tyler Kokjohn and The Jeff. Not just any old dream, though. One in which we learn something. Maybe. That is, if it accurately reflects reality in some way we have yet to prove. Of course if we can’t prove it we can’t know if it reflects reality. And here we are, together again, exploring Mystery….

Early this morning I’m having a dream the content of which I’ve forgotten. But I don’t think it was related to what came next, which I do remember quite well. A straightforward, matter-of-fact male voice brought the dream to a halt when he injected himself into my mind scape telling me that reality is comprised of worlds within worlds. I see a visual of a bubble or perhaps a particle and we zoom out from that into Earth. Zoom out from Earth into another Earth, the former becoming a particle. On and on.

The man tells me that these worlds are linked by universal constants, some of which are equations (and I take him to mean equations in physics) that do not have a solution. In other words there are some equations we have not figured out but there are others that will not have a solution anywhere. This is the mathematical equivalent of Mystery and it’s what keeps us going. We think these are throwaway erroneous formulas but if we could distinguish between error and Mystery we’d actually have a better handle on the architecture of reality.

Finally, he asks me if I know the Golden Rule. I say I remember the name but not really. I figured we were still on math and he was asking about the Golden Ratio. I Google Search “Golden Rule” and the “Do unto others….” biblical quote pops up. Now I feel stupid, because I did know that. In fact, now I’ve got the Pearl Jam song Not For You  playing in the background of my mind: “Can’t escape from the Golden Rule/If you hate something don’t you do it to/This is not for you.”

He says that is an example of universal Truth. These truths aren’t just true on this earth now, they are true everywhere through all time. Universal truths are just as important to defining the architecture of reality as universally unsolvable mathematical riddles.

And with that bit of knowledge imparted, the dream ends and I wake up into another dream where I’ve leapt out of bed to blog this on JayVay.com. I start off with the time: 5:06 AM and take it from there, but I get too bogged down in the details and struggle to remember what was said. The details are of something that wasn’t in the original dream. They are of a large sketch pad. On one side is written what the man said. On the other is a pencil sketch of a bald young adult who looks like Charlie Brown by way of Ken Wilber. I understand that Tyler Kokjohn drew this as a self-portrait. It looks nothing like him. He left out the details because either he doesn’t know who he is or he has low self-esteem and doesn’t want to know–I can’t tell which. I think, ‘Oh, that’s sad,’ and begin penciling in thicker definition to the eyes. It looks like he started to do that then stopped. I hoped it wouldn’t look like eyeliner. I stopped touching up the piece because I thought that if any of you reading right now saw it you’d say I was remaking his self-portrait into my image and I didn’t even want the hassle of trying to explain it.

I woke up again into my old apartment with my mom and sister. I’m excited about this communication. This dude was obviously reflecting the same concepts Jeff’s shrouded man showed him. I joked that maybe since Jeff is ignoring him he’s decided to attach himself to me. Ah, sloppy seconds. However, this voice was different than he who said in a dream “I can be strength” over and over that time I stayed at Jeff’s house. This guy sounded clean cut and young, not gravely-voiced and world weary, so I don’t think it’s the shrouded man.

My sister is trying on a new dress and can’t be bothered with the dream, so I tell my mom. Sister comes out of my bedroom, which she’s using as a changing room, into the living room and asks me to help her with the zipper at her neck. I’m talking to my mom and zipping her up. Her neck hurts so I rub it but I’m causing her worse pain because I can’t tell the story and massage her neck at the same time.

That dream ends and I wake up for real. Just for shits and giggles I check the time. It is 4:59 AM. It’s not too much of a leap to think that if I decided to boot up the computer and log onto JayVay to write this out, it would be 5:06 AM like in the dream. Maybe in some other world I do that. In this one I go back to sleep and write it for Paratopia.

Make of it what you will.

Further Musings From The Message Board


There’s something that rings true about the physics of reality being comprised of unsolvable equations. My vision of this is that the physics we can solve is what comes to define this world and so on for other realities–but the glue holding them all together isn’t solvable. Presumably to do that would be to create another world, another “box” so to speak.

Localized physics have full formulas… nonlocal do not?

I wonder if dreams are where we experience the nonlocal formulas in action. Looking back when you wake up, everything is vague and unreal or hyperreal depending on the dream. And yet no matter what the dream is there are times when it seems as if other beings communicate, right? Dreams that are more than “just dreams.”

So, is this the meeting ground of all minds from all realities? Is this what unsolvable physics looks like from the inside?

Could this be the answer to the need for an “altered state of mind” during high strangeness encounters? It’s not actually the mind’s state that’s altered but the perception of physics that are shifted. The person is shifted into a “state” where localized this-universe physics do not apply, or perhaps only apply to the physical body. But the nonlocal mind–that aspect of us not chained to the local laws of physics–is taken to the meeting ground transcendent and inclusive of all worlds.

We meet on the bridge, so to speak. In dreams, 9 times out of 10 who we meet is ourselves in fluid landscapes concocted by our mind. But every now and then someone else or Earth herself pops in to communicate something extraordinary. And every now and then some intelligence brings some of us there during a wake-state experience.

Jeff has wondered on the program who or what is roaming around the outskirts of the fractal. Maybe the answer is, everyone from everywhere when we need to meet.


Joe Gooch just corrected me privately that the Pearl Jam lyric is “common rule” not “Golden Rule.” What played in my head during the dream was “Golden Rule.” I always thought the lyric was Golden Rule and so my brain delivered.

I wonder now if he didn’t just stumble upon something significant. On the one hand you could argue that this is evidence the whole thing is a dream. My problem with that is the voice felt foreign to me. It felt like dream intrusion, if you pardon the negative connotation. And what he said was certainly not something that felt like it came from my imagination, but who knows?

Still, I think a more interesting answer, and perhaps more honest, is that what Joe just figured out is how un-mystical entering a dream needs to be. I mean you think it’s got to entail quite a bit of work to somehow create a landscape in the mind put me there, talk to me, make it all work for me, the receiver. What technology–what magic–is capable of that?

What if you don’t need to do anything other than speak or show an image or two? What if it’s the internal version of the alarm clock going off or the rooster crowing or the person shaking you, telling you to wake up? At first you often incorporate the stimulus into the dream, then you wake up. What if an intelligence injects itself into the dream and then your mind wraps itself around it, trying to make it make sense by farting out applicable sounds and images from your personal data base of thoughts and experiences?

You aid and abet the “intruder” in your dream as a means to blend this stand-out communication back into the tapestry of the dreaming mind. This actually makes sense because as I said, we do it all the time with external stimuli.

It doesn’t matter if Golden Rule was the correct lyric. It matters how I sang it all these years and what it meant to me. The dreaming mind takes that from the closet, dusts it off, and makes me wear it to better illuminate what this guy was saying in a way that makes sense to me.

Perhaps this is how a rigid, rational seed is planted in the fertile soil of dreamtime metaphor land. And what grows is my retelling of it. The retelling will be neither incomplete nor complete. It will be a mutation to which you, the reader, will add or subtract in your retelling and on it goes. It’s not “the telephone game,” it’s “fractal knowledge gestation.” The idea gestates in all who read and ponder and contribute to it until it dies or some version holds as common wisdom.

Joe! You’re a genius! (Accidentally.)


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