Jer’s First Book & Movie Available Exclusively Through JayVay!

Hey, Gang:

I’ve decided to stop selling my first book, I Know Why The Aliens Don’t Land! as well as my first DVD, No One’s Watching: An Alien Abductee’s Story through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It’s simply not cost-effective anymore. I’ll still be selling Urgency. through any and all outlets who will have it, so no worries there.

The upside is, every copy I sell through here will be autographed with a personalized message just for you! (Warning: personalized message may include hand turkeys. Do not take personalized message too seriously.)

The cost of the glorious autographed softcover book is a paltry $15.00 plus shipping. The movie is $10.00 plus shipping. If you live in the U.S. shipping is, like, 3 or 4 dollars. If you live anywhere else it’s more. Too much more, if you ask me.

Thanks for considering. I know you’ll enjoy them provided you have a sense of wonder and a sense of humor. Specifically, mine. So I’ll enjoy them for sure but I’m not so sure about you. Give ’em a chance anyway. They can’t be any worse than the “normal” ufologogical shitfest you’ve probably dropped a few bucks on in the past.

And with an ad like that how can you say no? Don’t say no. Say Paypal or P.O. Box.

Click here to say YES and also to find out how you can give me even more money for the exact same items!


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