Just Another Kona Conversation

“We’re going to the beach.”

“Oh, cool. You a swimmer or a snorkeler or a layer-in-the-sander?”

“I love swimming but I sprained my neck so I won’t be doing much of anything except rubbing pain medicine on it.”

“Oh that sucks. How’d you sprain your neck?”

“I was doing some chanting at a ceremony and called in some deep, dark forces . They lashed me around and threw my head back.”

“Huh. That sucks. Sorry to hear that.”


“Did you say deep, dark forces?”


I could have followed with anything. I chose, “Why would you call in deep dark forces? I mean, what do you get out of that?”

She giggled. “Good question. I was trying to pay homage to all of myself, the light and the dark. I wanted to be fully conscious of all of me and express gratitude.”

“I guess some things are better left buried.”

“It was stupid. I think we don’t really know all of what’s going on when we do things like that. We don’t know what all of these forces are up to. Like the Galactic–”

Please don’t say Galactic Federation of Light… Please don’t say Galactic Federation of Light… Please don’t say Galactic Federation of Light… 

“–Galactic Undersea Earth that’s being offered to us right now.”

“The who with the what now?”

“Galactic Undersea Earth. Ever heard of it?”

“Nope. I’m afraid that one’s beyond my paygrade.”

“It’s being offered to us but I don’t think it’s a good idea. I think one earth is enough for now.”

I could have followed with anything. I chose, “Yes, I agree.”


3 thoughts on “Just Another Kona Conversation

  1. I would have guessed that you had that conversation in Betkeley! Whatever’s being offered up there in the island you sure do have some good stories! Keep ‘me coming.

  2. Those ‘Galactics’ certainly get around.
    If they’re not in space, they’re under the sea. But you never seem to meet them.
    They’re like the new age equivalent of The Gideons!

    • This falls into the box of those who flee an orthodox belief system into the arms of an unorthodox one thinking they’ve escaped the bondage of belief. It’s sad but it’s what we do. Until we own that there is no escape. Certainly no underwater galactic earth opening to us anytime soon.

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