Countdown To The Paratopia Finale

1 hour. That’s the countdown to Jeff Ritzmann and I taping our final weekly installment of Paratopia. Of course we’ll carry on as a monthly free show but it won’t be the same. In some ways it may end up better, but man, this was fun. So was the live show. I’ll miss both.

We’re going out with a bang. I have a feeling it will be one of our deepest episodes coated in sweet, sweet comedy. (Because… you know… we’ve got to tie up all those running gag loose ends. Priorities, people, priorities.)

Jeff told me not too long ago that he felt like we were going in different directions in terms of investigating high strangeness. I thought, if that’s true, it would make for a great premise to the 3-hour monthly. Maybe hour one we explore it his way, hour two we explore my way, and hour three we come together to discuss what we’ve found.

Still, I found it hard to believe because… well… I didn’t feel like I had a direction, really. I, like he and like many of you, just had an above-average understanding of where not to look–but that’s not saying much. Most people aren’t looking at all and many of those who are have gotten stuck and built a home in the quicksand. But, since he said it, I was curious  where he thought he was going.

I didn’t have to ask about me. Clearly, I’m the oneness spirituality guy, right? So that’s my angle if I’ve got one. But it’s not exactly an angle. It’s a destination I see all authentic roads leading to but that doesn’t tell us anything about the roads or about what authenticity means. And those roads are the ones we travel and that authenticity is the mystery that consumes us. Oneness as a destination is just a word. It is meaningless until you “get” there and the odds of you getting there are, let’s face it, slim at best.

To my mind, we’ve got reality inverted. The thing we most fundamentally are is fictitious to us and the thing we call “illusion” (or fiction) is what we perceive as nonfiction, as reality. All along the way of the story of us, some of us encounter beings that we are told by rationalists, debunkers, humanists, and the like must be fictitious. They’re right a lot of the time and they have explored reality in such a cowardly–yet sensical–way as to only include that which is repeatable in their worldview of what is. The obvious, in other words. It’s an intellectual move but it’s not realistic and we’re paying for it now on many levels.

Since we are living the backwards reflection of the real, I’m not willing to take the illusion’s explanations for these beings no matter how sharply dressed, impeccably thoughtful, or empirically cloaked their presentation. I’ve seen different. If that doesn’t agree with you, tough shit. If tough shit bothers you, might I suggest you’ve boxed yourself in and now have to defend your walls like any common zealot?

See, I’ve got a mindset that is experience, an outlook based on psychological and cultural pressures–but no direction, really, where the allegedly paranormal is concerned. This functioning can be mistaken for a direction if you don’t look for the difference.

Yet Jeff does have a direction? That’s news. So I asked him what it was and he told me and we riffed on it. For hours we riffed because I can get behind where he’s going next. It sounds suspiciously like a perfect storm of Tiokasin Ghosthorse, Jeff, and me–and I think there are elements we can find bleeding over into other areas of study and of life. Or not. Maybe it will fall flat somewhere along the way–but at least it’s testable. Not testable in a repeatability sort of way but testable in a “Could this apply here” sort of way. Like the crossover between ufology, magick, and hallucinogens. Whereas before we were looking for crossover phenomena, now we’ve got a theory that makes sense of what we’ve found.

But then making sense doesn’t equal truth. Lot’s of fiction stories make sense, but you’ve got to share them to find out, right? And even then….

This Friday, on our final weekly episode, we will serve up our latest ponder-food in the hopes that you’re satiated until we start the monthly show. Naturally, what we talk about here will double as the launch pad for the monthly where we will explore it with Tiokasin, with guests, and with listeners.

Speaking of listeners, it’s time to evolve that notion a step further. But we’ll talk about that in 10 minutes and you’ll hear it on Friday.

Crap. Ten minutes. Really?

Gotta go!


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